Alec Bradley Cigars

Alec Bradley Cigars Company has a philosophy, and that is to give the smoker an unforgettable experience, and that’s exactly what they do. These well known and highly rated cigars have been on Cigar Aficionado’s top 25 list for three years running.

The Company was founded by Alan Rubin in 1996 after selling his father’s company, All Points Screw Co. Alan used the money he received from the sale to start his own business in the cigar industry. When coming up with a name, Alan remembered his father’s word of advice about picking a name that started in the beginning of the alphabet because it would be in the front of the phone book. So Alan decided to name his company Alec Bradley after his two kids.He started with the Bogey Stogies which he wanted to target to golfers. In 2007, Alec Bradley Cigars was facing debt and Alan knew that he needed to do something that would set them apart in the premium cigars industry. That is when he launched the Tempus cigar. The Tempus Cigar was really the turn-around for Alec Bradley, and they have had continued success launching many more highly rated cigars.The Black Market was launched in 2011. This cigar is a blend of 4 countries - Jamastran, Honduras and Panamanian long-fillers, and the lively Sumatra binder and powerful Nicaraguan wrapper leaf. There are many flavors that greet your palate during the smoke. It is a very smooth and creamy smoke laced with notes of spice and pepper that finishes with a hint of sweetness. A great consistent cigar, these qualities are sure to make the Black Market cigar a finger burner. 

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