Davidoff Cigars


The secret to making some of the finest quality cigars found in the world has been passed on in the Davidoff family from Geneva, Switzerland for generations.

Zino Davidoff was born into a family of tobacco specialists and was surrounded by the finest cigars while growing up. He ventured to Cuba to create his own line of cigars in the 1960s. Davidoff Cigars have been known for their impeccable quality, wondrous aromas and beautiful construction for half a century. These luxurious cigars have been refined to the utmost level to provide the smoker with an unforgettable experience in every puff.

The first Davidoff cigars were made in Cuba in 1967 and since then, the world-class cigar brand has maintained the highest standards and has gained a reputation for being one of the finest luxury cigar brands around. Davidoff cigars have been hand crafted in the Dominican Republic since 1991 and are filled with the finest quality tobaccos, which are perfectly blended together to create a wide range of flavors. 

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