Swisher Sweets Wood Tip Packs

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Swisher Sweets Wood Tip cigars are one of the most loved smoking products available on the market. The filler is a flawless blend of natural tobacco leaves and pleasant notes of unique flavorings. The Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper delivers a refined, rich flavor with creamy and nutty elements. Each extraordinary draw goes well with a swig from a stiff brandy.

The cigars come with a tip made of pine wood which filters the smoke and lets you draw in an enhanced, earthy whiff. Measuring 4 ⅞ inches in length with a ring gauge of 28, they give let you have the most gratifying quick smoke. They are available in collections of 10 packs of 5 machine-made, individually-wrapped smokes. The packaging is designed to be portable and to keep the encased cigars as fresh as new.

Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
5 x 28 10 Packs of 5 Natural Strength Mild USA
Category: Machine Made Cigars
Brand: Swisher Sweets
Ring Gauge: 29
Length: 4 7/8
Shape: Tip Cigarillos
Quantity: 50
Package Type: Pack
Flavor: Natural