Isla Del Sol Cigars

Isla Del Sol cigars produce a creamy smoke that imparts the exotic flavor of Sumatran Mandheling coffee bean and is wrapped in sun-kissed Sumatran tobacco leaves. Handmade with sugared tips, each cigar is indeed a treat to your taste buds. The coffee bean-infused aroma refreshes everyone in the vicinity. The Isla Del Sol is undoubtedly one of the best flavored cigars in the world. Each cigar is hand-rolled in Esteli, Nicaragua. These premium smokes are available in different shapes and sizes such as Churchill, Corona, Robusto and Toro, ranging from 5” to 7” in length. The premium Isla Del Sol flavored cigars have a hint of sweetness to them. Their coffee-flavored goodness is available in packs of 44 to 50.

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Isla Del Sol cigars are rolled in beautiful Sumatran wrappers that conceal a rich blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos and a delightfully sweet cap at one end. These are mild to medium-bodied cigars that go incredibly well with your morning cup of coffee. For that extra boost of flavor, these cigars are aged with Mandheling bean coffees. They are also smooth and easy to light.
Yet another gem from Drew Estate's range of cigars, originated in Nicaragua, Isla Del Sol combines deliciously infused notes of coffee and mocha. Expect a luxurious aroma and a delicious flavor with each drag. And as if that wasn’t enough, the budget friendly prices will allow you to enjoy the scrumptious flavors of Isla Del Sol Cigars on a daily basis. Enjoy another delicious and smooth smoke from the creative Drew Estate blenders!

  • Wrapper: Indonesia
  • Binder: Nicaragua
  • Filler: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua
  • Handmade in: Esteli, Nicaragua