Hav-a-Tampa Jewels Cigars


Hav-A-Tampa Jewels were introduced in 1931. These premium quality cigars are amongst the first in the cigar industry to use a wood tip at the end of the cigar. This Birchwood tip looks attractive and gives the cigars a woody tang and also, a dynamic feel to the lips while smoking. These expertly crafted stogies have a great flavor that pleases your palate with every drag. After a long day at work, these cigars are amazing to kick back and relax; to put your feet up and unwind. These cigars are beloved amongst cigar lovers worldwide due to their superior and mellow piquancy.

Available in natural, sweet, and vanilla flavors, these cigars are made by combining fine Dominican and Honduran tobacco, giving them a subtle sweetness and the authentic tobacco aroma.

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Each of these flavors is a unique experience in its own, making the smoke satisfying and tasty. The machine-made cigars are a great alternative to hand rolled expensive cigars and are very easy on the wallet. These are roughly the size of a blunt and available in packs of 20. Cured, blended and made with the finest quality tobacco, Hav-A-Tampa came into existence in 1902. Made by Altadis, USA, these rolled Jewels originated in Tampa, now known as the Cigar City. “Won’t you Hav-A-Tampa cigar?” was the signature line they used, which was catchy and made the cigars very popular. Altadis USA is also the manufacturer of the Backwoods, Dutch Masters, Phillies and many other coveted cigar brands making them one of the leading cigar sellers worldwide.