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5 Cigar Sampler Tastings

Buy The Best 5 Cigar Sampler Tastings at GothamCigars.com

Buy one of our 5 Cigar Sampler Tastings today!  Click Here.5 Pack Cigar TastingsOur 5 Cigar Sampler Tastings give you the best of the best for less. Let me explain. A “tasting” is a sample of a cigar brand’s finest cigars in a smaller cigar sampler pack of 5 cigars. We hand pick the cigars for this and hand assemble each “tasting” as if we were bringing it home to our own humidor.

The way we look at it, when you are taste testing a new cigar, you really cannot get the true essence of a stick by smoking only one of them. So your first cigar of your 5 cigar sampler tasting is really more of an introduction. It’s a gateway to know if you are going to enjoy the brand. It’s that wink and nod that invites you to come again.

Now that second cigar in the 5 cigar sampler tasting pack is really where things start to settle in. You can start to taste the smoothness or bite, smell the aromas that make up the signature of that particular cigar, and begin to really become friends with it. Because now you know what to expect from the brand and line. It’s that consistency that is the mark of an excellent cigar manufacturer. And it is why we only hand select the brands for our 5 cigar sampler tastings. Nothing but the best for our customers.

Of course, you still have three more cigars to savor. That’s the good stuff. Now you are over the trepidation and anticipation and the brand is now an old friend, possibly a new standby. Over the course of those next three cigars you contemplate all manner of things, but mostly should I buy a box or two for my humidor. If you are like me, the answer is usually YES!

Free Cigar Cutter With Every 5 Cigar Sampler Tastings Pack

As if it weren’t enough that you get a high quality cigar, delivered fast and fresh right to your Humi-Door, we thrown in a classic guillotine style cigar cutter with every 5 Cigar Sampler Tastings Pack. Now you really have no excuse. Order one or several and start making friends with brands you have read about but haven’t tried yet, or cigars that you have always wanted to try but were afraid of the commitment. Fear no more, your next great cigar awaits.

We have assembled 5 cigar sampler tastings from some of the most storied cigar brands including: Arturo Fuente, Ashton, Alec Bradley, Acid, Guillermo Leon, Gurkha and Montecristo just to name a few.

Browse all of our 5 Cigar Sampler Tastings. Click Here.

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