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  • Al Capone Sweets Cognac
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Al Capone Sweets Cognac

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    Buy Al Capone Sweets Cognac 10x10 Pack Online

    Revel in the deep, smooth taste of classic cognac with these premium Al Capone Sweets Cognac cigars. Rooted in the Honduras, these cigars have a long history and give you a luxurious smoking experience. These are machine-made cigars created by the famed Al Capone brand, known for their emphasis on natural leaf wrappers. Crafted especially for smokers unwilling to compromise on quality, these cigarillos are hand-rolled in Brazilian Bahia leaf. Each cigar then gets an indulgent dip in cognac that gives it its trademark sweet taste and flavor.

    These are medium strength cigars filled with carefully selected, exotic, short leaf tobacco specifically from the Jalapa, Esteli, and Condega areas of Nicaragua  They are conveniently rolled into mini cigarillos and measure 3.5 inches each with a ring gauge of 50. Ideal for a quick smoke in between breaks or whenever time is of the essence, these cigarillos leave you with a rich, sweet and satisfying aftertaste.

    Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
     3 1/2 x 50 10 Packs of 10 Natural Strength Mild USA