Alec Bradley Project 40, Can Cigars Really Make You Happy?

Alec Bradley Project 40, Can Cigars Really Make You Happy?

Posted by Blazing Bill on 13th Jul 2021

Alec Bradley Project 40

The Alec Bradley Brand was started by Alan Rubin in 1996. It is an American brand, though their cigars are made in other countries. The Alec Bradley Brand is owned by Alan Rubin, who initially got into the business without knowing much about cigars. The brand has had a great deal of success in recent years, with multiple highly rated cigars. They are known for offering premium hand-rolled cigars at a reasonable price. Read on to learn more about the Alec Bradley Brand and the excellent Alec Bradley Project 40 cigar.

How & Where the Alec Bradley Project 40 is Made

The Alec Bradley Project 40 is made in Nicaragua. Specifically, it is made at the Jesus Fuego factory, which has released several highly rated cigars recently. The Project 40, as with all Alec Bradley's cigars, is hand-rolled. Hand-rolled cigars are generally considered to be superior to machine-rolled cigars. They also usually cost more, although the Alec Bradley Project 40 is very affordable for a hand-rolled cigar.

The Type of Tobacco Used for the Alec Bradley Project 40

As you might expect for a cigar made in Nicaragua, the Alec Bradley Project 40 is composed primarily of Nicaraguan tobacco. The wrapper is Nicaraguan, and so is the filler. The binder, however, is a Brazilian Habanero. This type of tobacco is fairly rare in cigars sold in America. It originally comes from Cuba and is named after the capital city of Havana.

What Project 40 Means

The name "Project 40" was chosen by the owner of the brand, Alan Rubin. It refers to a motivational principle that states that people are ultimately in control of their own happiness. According to the brand, the positive cognitive effects from smoking a cigar can contribute to this happiness. The brand notes
that cigars have a calming effect akin to fine music.

Tasting Notes: The Alec Bradley Project 40 Toro

Now that we've gone into the background of the cigar, it is time to get into the tasting notes. The Alec Bradley Project 40 has been very highly acclaimed since its initial release in 2019. In fact, Cigar Aficionado gave it a 93 rating, which is truly exceptional for a cigar that costs around $5 each. The Alec Bradley Project 40 was even named a "Top 25 Cigar in 2019" by Cigar Aficionado. It certainly has a lot to live up to. We taste-tested a Project 40 Toro.


Alec Bradley Project 40 Toro

The Alec Bradley Project 40 Toro comes in a medium-brown wrapper with light veining. It has a very slight oil sheen. There are two wrappers on the cigar. The primary band says "Project 40," while the smaller band reads: "Experimental Series." The cigar is quite light, though it is well-packed.

The aroma of this cigar is an interesting hint of carrot, though there is an exciting undertone of sweetness. The cold draw brings out the same flavors, only much stronger.

First Third

The first third is perhaps the best part of the cigar. The sweet undertone that was evident on the cold draw explodes into a delicious earthy sweetness with hints of raisins, almonds, and nutmeg. This bold bouquet lasts throughout the first third of the cigar, with hints of coffee and earth joining the flavor profile midway through the first section of the cigar. The mouthwatering sweetness continues through the end of the first portion of the cigar.


As you move into the mid-third of the cigar, the sweet flavors that had dominated the profile up to that point slowly start to fade into the background. The sweet essence of the cigar ends up disappearing around the halfway point of the mid-third. Notes of black pepper and coffee begin to dominate the cigar's flavor profile, and there is a perpetual earthy undertone. As you smoke through the mid-third, brief flashes of sweetness add a dynamic character to the cigar's flavor. The earth, black pepper, and coffee flavors continue as you finish the middle part of the cigar and move onto the final third.

Final Third

The earthy flavors from the middle third of the cigar become stronger throughout the early part of the final third. As you get into the midst of the Project 40's final third and move onto the end of the cigar, the earth flavor becomes dominant. Right at the end of the cigar, notes of raisin and almonds creep back into the flavor profile.

The Alec Bradley Project 40 is a Premium Cigar at a Great Price

Alec Bradley Project 40 Toro

While there are better cigars out there, there may not be a better cigar at this price point. As Cigar Aficionado said, this cigar has a level of quality seen in cigars that cost twice as much. This cigar is an excellent overall smoke. The first third is truly exceptional with its complex and dynamic sweetness. This cigar could have been rated even higher if its mid-third and final third lived up to the first third. While the mid-third and the final third of the cigar are not quite at that level, these sections of the cigar are still lively and flavorful. The end of the cigar even brings back flavors of raisins and almonds that were first seen in the first third. The bottom line is that the Alec Bradley Project 40 is a top-notch cigar, especially at its surprisingly low price point.