The Best Premium Baby Birth Cigar Blends!

Posted by Blazing Bill on 11th Jan 2019

No joy supersedes that of having a baby. A new baby represents the beginning of a new chapter in life and the official benchmark of adulthood. A new baby is a joyous occasion often celebrated with gifts for the mother. But what about the father?

We believe the best gift to give to a new father is a cigar. In fact, there are cigar lines from numerous premium brands specially made for this occasion, the 'It’s a Boy,' and 'It’s a Girl' lines.

Why Cigars?

The tradition of gifting cigars to commemorate the birth of a baby dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries with people living in North America and slowly worked its way south during the 18th and 19th centuries.

The presumption is that since fathers were not included in the birthing process, all they could do was wait around and smoke. Before hospitals, the wait would be in a separate room or out with friends. Upon confirmation that the babies were born, the father would pass special cigars to his friends to celebrate the momentous occasion. Even after hospitals, fathers still upheld the tradition of giving cigars to their friends to mark the event.

The tradition is still common today and handing out cigars to friends, family members and colleagues is still the classiest way to memorialize the arrival of a new baby.

What are the best brands?

Quite a number of premium brands carry the Baby Cigar lines. However, only a few caught our eye as the best picks for Baby Cigars in the market. Top on our list are the Rocky Patel, Arturo Fuente, Cuesta Rey, and the Alec Bradley brands.

1. Rocky Patel, It’s a Boy/Girl Cigars

Rocky Patel is a relatively new and phenomenal brand brimming with 90+ rated premium smokes. The Rocky Patel It’s a Boy/Girl cigar line is a tasty medium-bodied smoke that is ideal for both the seasoned cigar smoker as well as the rookie.

Rocky Patel Baby Cigar line features Nicaraguan fillers and binder with a Connecticut wrapper. These smokes are Toro (6 x 52) vitolas fashioned with two bands, one to denote the Rocky Patel brand and the other for the ‘It’s a Boy/Girl’ wording. The bands come in colors coinciding with the baby’s gender, baby pink for the girls and baby blue for the boys.

In matters of flavor, you will enjoy the subtle cedar, citrus, and pepper notes with fleeting mint and nuts on the finish. There are also hints of rich espresso, some buttery notes, and lingering orange-like floral zest.

These bad boys pack a bunch of flavor transitions and surprise twists while remaining smooth and creamy all the way through. Despite being one of the more affordable Rocky Patel lines in the market, they are often described as extremely satisfying.

2. Arturo Fuente, It’s a Boy/Girl Cigars

Any cigar veteran knows the Arturo Fuente brand needs no introduction. Their outstanding reputation for growing and producing award-winning cigars is irrefutable. So, imagine our delight when Arturo Fuente decided to make cigars for the It’s a Boy/Girl series!

These Arturo Fuente beauties are rocking short fillers from the different top-shelf cigars in the Arturo Fuente brand. Usually, short filler cigars are not preferred, but these cigars are created with the same meticulous attention and care that all other Arturo Fuente masterpieces receive. The short fillers only make for a cheaper but same quality cigar.

Arturo Fuente Baby Cigars feature Dominican fillers with a Cameroon wrapper, the same wrapper used on the Arturo Fuente Curly Head. They are medium-bodied 5 ½ x 42 petite coronas with a spicy disposition. Each cigar comes in an individual cellophane cover printed with the words ‘It’s a Boy’ in baby blue or ‘It’s a Girl’ in baby pink.

Flavour wise, expect sweet, earthy tang with toasty undertones. There are also shy cedar flavors supported by slightly spicy nutmeg.

Thanks to the savory flavor profile and affordability, these Arturo Fuente Baby Cigars can easily become your everyday cigar of choice.

3. Cuesta Rey Caravelle It’s a Boy/Girl Cigars

Cuesta Rey Caravelle is an age-old brand associated with aristocratic smokes. After all, Cuesta Rey Caravelle cigars were the official cigars for 19th century’s Spanish King Alfonso XIII.

The Cuesta Rey Caravelle It’s a Boy/Girl line is machine-made at the Tabacalera A. Fuente factory. The Fuente and Newman cigar families came together to create this line. They feature Dominican fillers and binders in a Connecticut Shade wrapper, though it is not unheard of to find Cuesta Rey Caravelle Baby cigars in a Broadleaf Maduro or African Cameroon wrappers.

The fact that this is a Fuente production speaks to the quality of smoke. This mild-medium stogie is a delicious mix of smooth chocolaty earth with sweet citrusy undertones. You will enjoy the subtle white pepper nuances swimming in creamy cocoa and licorice flavors with strong toasted nuts and a pleasant tobacco base. This cigar is a solid 1 hour+ smoke thanks to the legendary Fuente slow burn.

Each cigar comes wrapped in cellophane with the ‘It’s a Boy’ wording done in blue or ‘It’s a Girl’ printed in pink. It comes in a 6 ¼ x 34 Panatela vitola. Even though it is quite cheap at about a dollar a stick, this stogie is all value. The flavor profile of this bad boy is as close to a Cuban smoke as can be.

4. Alec Bradley, It’s a Boy/Girl Cigars

The Alec Bradley brand is synonymous with quality in the stogie world. Despite being a relatively new brand, Alan Rubin, the founder of Alec Bradley has beaten many older brands to become a legit household name in the cigar circles.

The Alec Bradley Baby Cigar line comes in a 6 x 50 Toro. Each stogie in this line packs a blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco draped in a Connecticut Habano Leaf wrapper. This is the same blend used in the Alec Bradley Classic stogie, a blend so exquisite they used it twice.

Prepare your taste buds for a flavor journey featuring dark chocolate creamy punches, cedar, spicy subtleties, and a rich, earthy, leathery long finish. This cigar boasts savory transitions and a sudden kick in strength mid-smoke.

We love that Alec Bradley has his own Avant Garde ways of ensuring each of his cigars maintains a level of mystery. This Alec Bradley Baby Cigar is a legit mild-medium smoke that somehow grows darker and more complex in the middle working up the strength to a very close full-body before mellowing back to a mild towards the nub. It is an absolute treat and a superb way to commemorate as unique an occasion as the birth of a baby.

Alan Rubin sure knows how to pull at the heartstrings of cigar-loving parents around the world. He made choosing the Alec Bradley Baby Cigars as the perfect daddy gift a no-brainer by turning the Cigar box into a keepsake. The box comes with an inbuilt picture frame where you can insert your baby’s picture. Inside the lid is an area where you can write down the stats of the baby like the name, weight, height and so on.

Proud daddies around the world display their Alec Bradley Baby Cigar box with a picture of their precious baby on their desks or next to the humidor. They are color coordinated too, blue for the boys and pink for the girls.

In a Nutshell

Many cigar brands carry their own It’s a Boy/Girl lines in their production, but few are worth it. For the most part, because these are presumably cigars to ‘give away’ most brands don’t use premium blends. We are glad though that not all brands dismiss this line as a cheap giveaway line.

Our four picks above are excellent choices to buy for your smoking pleasure or to give away. The beauty is that they are extremely affordable and range in the mild-medium strength, meaning anyone can smoke and enjoy them, veteran or novice.

Childhood is fleeting, and you want to preserve the memories of precious moments like the birth of your baby. So, kick back, relax and have a ‘It’s a Boy/Girl’ premium blend cigar before the real difficult parenting begins.

Even if you don’t have a new baby in the family, get yourself a Baby Cigar, it’s a great smoke with the potential to become an everyday cigar.