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Dean's Cigars – Great Value For a Filtered Cigar

Posted by Puffy Pete on 14th Sep 2018

Dean's Filtered CigarsFiltered cigars are rapidly becoming the go-to smokes for cigar enthusiasts and casual smokers alike. The flavor and authentic tobacco filling deliver a smoking experience, unlike any cigarette. Among the most revered brands of filtered cigars are Dean Cigars.A Little HistoryDean Cigars are American, machine-made filtered cigars. Until April 2017, Dean Cigars were owned by M&R Holdings under the owner and founder of the brand, Dean Rouse. They are now owned by Ohs … read more

Why are Padrons Regarded as the Best Cigars on the Market?

Posted by Puffy Pete on 30th Aug 2018

Padron Cigars one of the best cigars on the market.Few, if any cigar brands can hold a candle to Padron Cigars. Hailing from humble beginnings, Padron Cigars have carved an iconic name in the stogie world.Typically, most cigar brands appeal to either beginners or aficionados. Seldom will you find a brand that effortlessly walks the line between, but the Padron brand does. These cigars are loved for their rugged, rustic look and robust flavor which speaks to the hearts of aficionados and th … read more

​White Owl has the most flavors - a white owl cigars review

Posted by Puffy Pete on 22nd Aug 2018

White Owl CigarsThe subject of cigars is very close to my heart. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to talk stogies with friends while kicking back after a hard day’s work. We don’t agree on much, but the banter is top notch. Today I would like to broach one among the most popular cigar brands of all time, The White Owl.About the White Owl BrandThe White Owl Cigar brand is unlike any other in the industry. Tracing its roots from the late 19th century, this brand has obviously had time to weave … read more

Dutch Masters cigars, an everyday favorite

Posted by Puffy Pete on 17th Aug 2018

A legend in the stogie world, the Dutch MastersIt takes a lot to be dubbed a legend in any field. You must combine awesomeness with consistency and carry them over a reasonable period. Well, we are in the presence of a legend in the stogie world, the Dutch Masters. There is a common misconception in the cigar world that the more expensive the stogie, the better the flavor. Speaking as an aficionado, there is a lot to be missed when you become brand-rigid. Many cigars and cigarillos fly under the … read more

King Edward, a classic brand and great everyday smoke

Posted by Puffy Pete on 8th Aug 2018

King Edward The SeventhThere is something to be said for any product that lasts for a century in the cigar market. Seldom do brands last for this long and still maintain the high quality, original flavor that fills their customers with nostalgia. Well, there is one such product in the stogie world, King Edwards Cigars. If you have never had any of the King Edward cigars or cigarillos, then you can by no means call yourself an aficionado. The King Edward brand has been around for a century and st … read more

What new cigar is hitting town? Macanudo Inspirado Red!

Posted by Puffy Pete on 31st Jul 2018

The tobacco world is buzzing about the newest cigar in town.The Macanudo Inspirado Red, released earlier this year, has got cigar aficionados talking. The Macanudo Inspirado Red belongs to the Inspirado line of the Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG). Otherwise known for their mild-bodied cigars, STG turned the tables this time around and went for a magnificently aged full-bodied cigar. About the Macanudo Inspirado Red Stogie lovers, me included, love that this cigar went all out regarding the … read more

​How to Cut Cigars. What is the right way to cut a cigar?

Posted by Puffy Pete on 16th Jul 2018

Different ways to enjoy a cigarCigar lovers will agree with me that smoking a stogie is a bit of a liturgy. It has its routines and rituals that make the experience wholesome. It all starts with selecting the perfect cigar and then comes the cutting. A poorly cut cigar can ruin your smoking experience and the general feel of the cigar. If the cut is too large, it affects the draw and the rate of the burn. You may also end up with tons of tobacco debris in your mouth with every draw. If the cut i … read more

Quorum Cigars are incredible for the price!

Posted by Puffy Pete on 9th Jul 2018

If you haven’t tried Quorum cigars, then you are missing out on a great deal! Made by J. C. Newman, Quorum cigars are one of the most underrated cigars on the market. While they don’t have much of the buzz that other cigar brands share, aficionados who have their ear to the ground are well aware of the Quorum brand. After all, how else do Quorum cigars maintain their position as one of the best-selling bundle cigars on the market? It is no lie that most stogie lovers scoff at a short-f … read more

Why are all Al Capone Cigars so in demand?

Posted by Puffy Pete on 28th Jun 2018

AL CAPONE CIGARSDo you ever feel the need for a robust cigar but don’t have the time for a 2-hour stogie? Who doesn’t? Well, that is precisely what Al Capone cigars were meant for. Al Capone Cigars, fondly referred to as Cigarillos, are small cigarette-size cigars that you can smoke on the move when you are pressed for time, or just for the heck of it. They come in both filtered and unfiltered versions which breed a common misconception that they are just cigarettes made to look like cigars. D … read more

Baccarat cigars are a great everyday smoke!

Posted by Puffy Pete on 21st Jun 2018

Baccarat BrandMy friends and I love to talk stogies. We talk about strength, flavor, brands, and the legends behind them. We don’t agree on much, but the one thing that we agree one is the position that Baccarat cigars hold on our stogie hall of fame. Baccarat cigars are without a doubt one of the most famous and popular cigars out there. They are ranked the most popular cigars in the US and the number one buy in both affordability and demand. Baccarat cigars are legendary for their flavor, espe … read more