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Bodyshot Filtered Cigars

Made from premium tobacco homegrown in America, Bodyshot Filtered cigars are some of the finest full-strength little cigars available today. These little cocktail inspired filtered cigars are produced by Cheyenne and are manufactured in various alcoholic flavors. These cigars are especially exotic and provide the pleasure of a good smoke along with an equally enticing palate of flavors to choose from.

Bodyshot Filtered cigars are ideal for smokers who are willing to try out a new kind of cigar. These tiny cigars complement almost any beverage, preferably alcoholic ones. They are known for the way they leave a pleasurable aftertaste on your palate. They also come equipped with a sweet and sugary flavored filter, which enhances their strong flavor and aroma. These cigars are recommended as casual smokes with just the right kind of ‘bite’ that isn’t too overpowering. They get their sturdy look and commendable consistency thanks to the aromatic binder. That, along with the mild-brown wrapper, holds the tobacco together and offers the right kind of draw. The wrapper adds an alluring color and a mild flavor as well.

These cigars are available in a variety of flavors including Whiskey, Rum and Coke, Sangria, Trance and Mojito. Each offers a tantalizing taste and a distinct aroma, which is notorious for lingering on your lips long after the smoke is over. They are most commonly sold in 10 packs of 20 little cigars each. The everyday low prices make these smokes something you won't have to think about twice before lighting up another.

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