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  • Dutch Masters Cigarillos Chocolate Pack

Dutch Masters Cigarillos Chocolate Pack

$39.99 (You save $18.00)

    Buy Dutch Masters Chocolate Cigarillos 5x5 Pack Online

    Dutch Masters Chocolate cigarillos are a unique blend of rich tobacco and aromatic chocolate. The infusion of chocolate gives these cigars a richness that stops just short of cloying, delivering a perfectly balanced flavor profile. Crafted from natural wrappers and homogenized binders, these cigars have superior quality Cuban-Seed fillers that offer mild drags that will refresh your senses and leave you energized. These stogies are shaped like cigarillos and measure 4 ¾ inches with a ring gauge of 28.

    Introduced into the U.S market in 1911, these Puerto Rican cigars became instant bestsellers because of their fresh flavor and packaging; each box featured a reproduction of a famous Rembrandt painting. These are especially great for chocoholic cigar smokers and make for an excellent gifting option. For a pleasurable smoke, just light one up after a delicious meal, savour the chocolate sweetness and we’ll guarantee you’ll forget all about dessert!

    Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
    4 3/4 x 28 5 Packs of 5 Natural Strength Mild USA