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Winchester Little Cigars

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Introduced in 1972, Winchester Little cigars were some of the first small-sized cigars to be introduced in the market. What made these cigars stand out was the fact that they were not available in the customary fruity flavors that were widespread during that time. These cigars chose to differ from convention and came up with a bold tobacco flavor for those who would like something more than just fruit-flavored cigars. Initially, the cigars were available in just one flavor but now the cigar enthusiasts can take a pick from Rich, Mild and Menthol flavors. These cigars are better suited for those who prefer the smoke of tobacco in its natural form and would like a hard and bold smoke.

The smokes are small in size, hence, easy to carry around wherever you go and also come with a good quality filter. Perfect for a short, quick smoke break, these cigars can give you a satisfying smoke in the shortest possible time. They are filled with high-quality tobacco leaves and have a nice, clean and consistent burn throughout their length. The various cigar lines on offer by this brand include Winchester Little Cigar Box Gold Mild 85's, Winchester Little Cigars Box 85's, Winchester Little Cigars Full flavored Rich Box, Winchester Little Cigars Menthol, Winchester Little Cigars Soft 100's and Winchester Little Cigars Soft 85's. Each of these is as good as the other and has a strong aroma. Add to this the exceptional filter design, which differs from the normal plastic tips and you have a cigar you cannot put down.

• Wrapper: Colorado Claro

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