Alec Bradley Tempus Cigars

The Alec Bradley Tempus is sophistication incarnate. The Tempus line of cigars are concocted with tobaccos that are carefully chosen and aged so that you get to experience a unique smoke endowed with a motley of flavors. It all started when Alan Rubin, the founder of the Alec Bradley company, was visiting Honduras and Nicaragua. On a small farm located along the Nicaraguan and Honduran borders, he saw a special tobacco plant that was being grown in limited quantities. Rubin started to buy this one-of-a-kind tobacco, and slowly built up a stock with which he could make fantastic wrappers for a special cigar.

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The filler blend of the Tempus comprises Honduran Criollo and Nicaraguan tobaccos. The binders are Honduran Criollo and Indonesian Embetunar tobaccos. Each part of this cigar is made using the most exquisite materials that have been aged for just the right period of time, justifying the Tempus name. The Alec Bradley Tempus cigar looks fantastic due to its smooth, chocolate-colored wrapper that has barely discernible veins.
These cigar are crafted skillfully in the traditional Cuban style. They generate a thick smoke that lets you savor all the latent flavors, which slowly emerge with each savory drag. You will taste hints of pepper and other spices, along with an earthy flavor. A mild, underlying sweetness makes your session a wholesome one. The smoke also imparts notes of nuts, cocoa, wood and mocha. The Tempus is a medium-strength cigar that’s classy to the core. It is available in several different sizes. Alec Bradley Tempus has received rave reviews, with Cigar Aficionado giving it a 94 rating.

  • Wrapper: Trojes, Honduras Criollo
  • Binder: Trojes, Honduras Criollo
  • Filler: Trojes, Honduras, Nicaragua
  • Handmade in: Raices Cubanas factory, Honduras