Let’s face it, you need cigar accessories to fully complement your passion for cigars. Cigar smoking is a time-honored tradition. Using the right accessories to fully enjoy your cigar should not be overlooked. From the cigar cutting to a cigar lighter, you must have the tools of the trade to get the most out of every stick. Our experts have handpicked the finest cigar accessories available on the market today. Now you can light up with style and ease.

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Cigar Cutting is both routine and also very personal. Some cigar aficionados prefer a V cut notch, while others prefer a flat cut that is achieved with a guillotine cutter. One thing is certain, a bad cut can ruin a premium cigar. Xikar cutters are an excellent choice when looking for precise operation and value. We carry a full line of Xikar cutters to choose from. The best part of our cutters is that they come with a lifetime guarantee!


A torch lighter is the best way to light a cigar. These are the best since you don't want to actually have the flame touch the cigar, you want to roast the tip as you would a marshmallow over a campfire. And like a marshmallow you want to ensure that it is evenly toasted. The same concept applies to lighting a cigar. You want to toast it, gently igniting the tobacco until there is a glowing ring all the way around for an even heating. Once you have achieved this, then you can raise the cigar to your lips and draw. Gotham Cigars features a variety of lighters including brands such as Xikar, Lotus, Alec Bradley and many more. All of our cigar lighters have to meet our exacting standards for usability, durability and style.


Humidor is a necessary cigar accessory that store and preserve your cigars with its constant humidity level. The optimal humidity range in your humidor should be about 70-75%. The internal temperature should be kept at 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. These conditions help protect your precious sticks and give them a long lifetime journey. There are variety of humidors mostly made of Spanish cedar wood, oak and rosewood. When deciding on the size of your humidor, make sure you'll get a slightly larger humidor than what you think you'll need. That's our golden rule. Our store carries humidors that can store up to 250 cigars. We offer cigar cases, travel humidors and glass top desktop humidors. We also have a large variety of necessary humidor accessories. The choice is yours!