Cigars and Coffee, a Classic Combination

Cigars and Coffee, a Classic Combination

Posted by Smoking Sammy on 30th Jun 2017

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Cigars and Coffee

Be it a lazy afternoon at your home or over your morning newspaper, coffees and cigars just happen to be the perfect and popular combination for many cigar connoisseurs. The combined sensory pleasure produced by both the products makes this the perfect pair if you are in the dire need of a few relaxing minutes.

The Coffee and Cigar Combination

Coffee and cigars have a lot in common! Well, for starters, they both have their raw materials grown as agricultural products and they are both extremely addictive. Their flavor profile is very similar with both of them offering a range of flavor notes that keep evolving and changing throughout the process of consumption. Pairing a cigar with coffee offers you a unique experience as both their flavors have the ability to overlap and complement each other.

While most cigars work very well with most kinds of coffee, there a few cigar brands that seem to go very well with specific kind of coffees. And, this write-up is all about such incredible pairings. Here are a few coffee and cigar combos you should definitely try out.

Nub Cafe Cigars

The Nub Cafe Cigars are the near-perfect cigar if you are a true coffee lover and a cigar aficionado. This line of handmade cigars from Nub has coffee flavor infused into it and should give you a unique smoking experience. The Nub Café Cigars come out in three different flavors and each of it offers a distinct savor of its own.

Nub Café Cappuccino Cigars with a Cup of Cappuccino

The Nub Cafe Cappuccino cigars have a tasty blend with a smooth and creamy Cappuccino flavor predominant in every puff you take. It should be a perfect cigar to enhance your cup of Cappuccino.

Nub Cafe Espresso Cigars with Strong Espresso

The notes and tastes the Nub Cafe Espresso cigar offers include a hint of espresso, dark coffee and a cocoa flavor. It even resembles the sweet taste of a vanilla-milkshake. The cigar should go very well with a hot cup of strong espresso.

Nub Cafe Macchiato Cigars with Caffè Macchiato

The Macchiato flavored cigars from Nub give you an aromatic smoking experience you've never had. Every puff from the cigar offers you distinct notes of caramel and espresso. It even has a hint of frothy milk flavor adding to the complexity. The cigar pairs radiantly with a hot cup of Caffè Macchiato.

Tabak Especial with American Regular Coffee

The Tabak Especial is the perfect cigar for your short coffee breaks. The coffee-infused cigar has a sweet and flavorful blend. The cigar is filled with premium Nicaraguan tobacco and has the true essence of Nicaraguan Selva Negra coffee infused into it. The use of the finest coffee beans in the fillers ensures that the blend has a unique flavor and that the smoking experience is quite similar to sipping down a tasty cup of American coffee.

Tabak Especial Dulce with Light Milk Coffee

The Tabak Especial Dulce has a smooth and creamy coffee flavor and it makes a fine pair for your light coffee with milk added into it. The Dulce is the ideal choice if you like your coffee to be light and sweet.

Tabak Especial Negra with Black Coffee

The Tabak Especial Negra has a bolder blend with an essence of chocolate and a little spice mixed into it. It is the one you should go for if you drink strong coffee or black coffee.

Rocky Patel Java Series with Caffè Mocha and Caffè Latte

The Rocky Patel Java Series boasts of the best coffee-infused cigars in the market. A tasty blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos is enhanced with cocoa, espresso beans, mocha and a hint of vanilla. The flavor profile also has a bit of chocolate and little spice added into the mix. The smoking experience rewards you with a fine coffee and cocoa flavor with a hint of natural sweetness added to it. Loaded with tastes and notes like vanilla and mocha, the cigars should go very well with drinks like Caffè Mocha and Caffè Latte.

Caffè Latte is made with espresso and milk and its flavor and taste makes it a fine pair for a Rocky Patel Java Series cigar. Caffè Mocha is also features espresso and milk but has chocolate syrup added into it compared to a Caffè Latte. With flavors of sweet cocoa, chocolate syrup and milk, Caffe Latte it should complement a Rocky Patel Java Series cigar very well. The cigar brand would also go well with White Caffè Mocha which has white chocolate in it.

Cafe Creme Cigars with Espresso Shots

Cafe Creme are miniature cigarillos for a quick smoke and the smoking experience it offers is as good as taking a refreshing coffee break. The blend is relatively mild and the dry-cured tobaccos used as fillers give you a smooth puff. The flavorful and smooth cigarillo guarantees the smoking to be relaxing and refreshing. Cafe Creme cigars have a flavor profile and earthly tone that goes swimmingly with a shot of hot espresso.

These cigarillos have a pleasant sweet flavor that isn't overwhelming. The consistency is solid and the each smoke is extremely smooth. The flavor profile, taste and tone do not overlie the taste of your espresso by mixing with it or masking it too much. The small size of the Cafe Creme cigars also makes it ideal for a speedy smoke and a quick shot of espresso. It does not need cutting and that makes it convenient as well as it can be smoked straight from its pack.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, these are just recommended pairings. However, the simple fact is that when it comes to coffees and cigars, there are limitless permutations and combinations to try out and almost every pairing gives you a distinct taste and experience. No matter how many lists you draw upon this subject, things like this could come down to personal choice and individual taste.