Camacho Cigars One of the best in America!

Posted by Blazing Bill on 9th Nov 2018

Camacho Connecticut Cigars


Gone are the days when a full-flavored cigar translated to a full-strength cigar. Market demands are gradually changing, especially in the stogie world.

As cigars steadily creep into the mainstream market, cigar makers are in turn continually upping the ante in innovation and craftsmanship to appeal not only to cigar aficionados, but also cigar newbies. Top among the companies that flawlessly blend timeless legacy with avant-garde ingenuity to create premium cigars that stand out is the Camacho Brand.

A Little History…

The Camacho Brand is a formidable player in the stogie world producing revered full-flavored cigars with lots of strength to spare. Simon Camacho founded this brand in 1961. Later Camacho was acquired by the Davidoff Family together with the famous Ranchos Jamastran Factory in Danli, Honduras.

Perhaps the most outstanding achievement of the Camacho Brand is their “infamous” original Corojo Cuban seed, which is a cross between the Mesoamerican Criollo strain and the Indonesian Sumatra. This leaf is incorporated in all their smokes, and it is what gives them the flavor and aroma that Camacho Cigars are famous for.

The Camacho Connecticut Cigar

Up until 2009, the Camacho Brand portfolio only featured full-strength cigars with robust flavors and an uncompromising kick. While enjoying unparalleled success with these cigars, the market appealed for a mild-mannered cigar with the same full-flavors but mellow strength. Camacho listened and voila, the Camacho Connecticut cigar was born.

This Camacho masterpiece comes with Honduran Generoso, and Aleman Ligero long fillers with the signature Honduran Corojo binder, draped in an exquisite Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. It carries earthy notes with hints of citrus and roasted nuts. Pepperiness and cedar nuances make up the forefront flavors while implicit sweetness and a mellow outset make up the base.

How does the Camacho Connecticut Cigar rank among other Connecticut brands?

The success of the Camacho Connecticut cigar cannot be understated. This cigar is so perfectly attuned to its audience that it remained untouched during the Camacho rebranding campaign of 2013. There are very few cigars on the market that both seasoned cigar enthusiasts and newbies can smoke and enjoy. The Camacho Connecticut is one such cigar.

As far as ranking, the Camacho Connecticut holds its own among the other Connecticut brands. I can personally attest to the smooth, decadent smoking experience that has none of the bitterness that afflicts Connecticut stogies, especially towards the nub. I would say Camacho Connecticut swims in the same oceans as the Undercrown Shade by Drew Estate, My Father Connecticut, Macanudo Inspirado White, Tatuaje Negociant Monopole Number 4, and the Ashton VSG. I would go further to say that in my experience, the Camacho Connecticut cigar stands head and shoulders above some Connecticut cigars including Gilberto Oliva Reserva Blanc Corona, Crux Epicure Robusto, Fratello Oro Robusto, and the Alec Bradley Connecticut among others.

Is Connecticut the most popular of all the Camacho Wrappers?

Well, for the benefit of answering the question, no, Connecticut is not the most popular Camacho wrapper; the Ecuador Habano is. Ecuadorian Habano is featured in more Camacho cigars than any other wrapper. Second on the list is Honduras and then the Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper.

Having said that, the quality offered by Connecticut is nothing to scoff at. This wrapper has everything going for it, from the seed quality to the soils and the weather.

The US Connecticut Shade wrapper grows in Connecticut. To achieve the “shade-grown” status, the seed flourishes under large tents covered with nylon-like translucent material. This material limits the amount of sun and heat that gets to the leaves. The resulting wrapper is mild-mannered with a sweet disposition.

The Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper is the same Connecticut seed grown in Ecuador. Ecuador is the go-to destination for growing all things tobacco. This Connecticut seed does so well in Ecuador that the Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper has become one of the most sought-after wrappers in the stogie world.

Ecuador is so naturally cloudy that it only gets 500 hours of sunlight per year. This is perfect for the shade-grown wrapper because it eliminates the need to grow under artificial tented shades.

Ash from Ecuador’s 32 active volcanoes ensures the soil is forever bathed in nutrients. The end result is a super silky, slightly oily, pliable wrapper with a mildly sweet flavor and pleasant aroma.

Needless to say, the Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper is darker and more flavorful than the US Connecticut wrapper.

Camacho Connecticut Cigar Price Comparison

In my opinion, at between $7 to $10 a piece, the Camacho Connecticut cigar is well within its value. It is a bona fide flavor bomb which never lets up from start to finish. You better be ready to make room in your humidor for this delicacy.

Only people who have never tried this cigar would hesitate to buy. If anything, this delectable stogie is priced on the lower end of the spectrum compared to other cigars in its class. Cigars like the Undercrown Shade by Drew Estate and the MBombay KeSara Vintage Reserve Nikka are priced slightly higher than the Camacho Connecticut.

Camacho Connecticut Cigar Ratings

As is tradition, Camacho cigars deliver above and beyond. Customers pick up on that and hence the glowing reviews. The leaf enthusiast gave Camacho Connecticut a beaming 10/10 rating while cigar dojo gave it 90%.

Bear in mind, by some standards, Camacho Connecticut is an old cigar. These ratings really speak to the quality of this stogie considering the burden of consistency that exists for the cigars that have been around for a while.

For me, I would give the Camacho Connecticut a 92% rating. Why? Because this beauty smokes exactly the way you want it to. It has the perfect draw, solid construction, and a plethora of flavors that stay way past the last call.

If you are looking for an everyday smoke that is affordable, delivers full flavors and a gentle kick with none of the heaviness of a full-strength cigar, then this should be your go to blend.