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Havana Q by Quorum, High Quality & Well-Priced Smokes

Havana Q by Quorum, High Quality & Well-Priced Smokes

Havana Q By Quorum Double Grande

Quorum has a new cigar out! Have you heard of it? It’s called Havana Q and dubbed a “cousin” of Quorum bundle cigars. So, today we’ll be discussing this new bundle offering.

Bundle cigars make the world go round; am I right? No matter how high and mighty your palate is, you want a cigar that costs almost nothing that you can smoke and chug and feel absolutely nothing. You want a cigar you can distribute to your “smoker friends” who can’t tell the difference between a cigar and a candy stick. Imagine how much better of a deal it is when you find one that’s actually a good smoke with decent flavors?

Havana Q is one such cigar. It debuted in 2020 and began shipping in October of 2020. Since then, it’s been getting outstanding reviews for being a well-balanced smoke with above average attributes. But before we go into all that, let's talk a little about J.C Newman.

About Quorum Cigars

Before this becomes a misconception, Quorum is not a cigar company; it’s a brand of cigars under J.C. Newman. Quorum came into being in 2003 and quickly grew into one of the top selling bundle cigars. So much so that 1 out of every 8 cigars imported into the US is a Quorum cigar.

Quorum cigars are sandwich cigars which means they are mixed filler smokes. Short fillers from the scraps of high-ranking smokes like Cuesta Rey, El Baton, Diamond Crown, and Brick House among others are bunched together with long leaves to make the filler.

Following this long-standing success, J.C. Newman decided to create another bundle cigar brand similar to Quorum hence the “cousin” connotation. So, what makes Havana Q?

Havana Q: The Blend

Just like Quorum cigars, the Havana Q blend is a mixed filler. Not much is known about the filler and binder. All they say is that they use a Nicaraguan filler and binder. The wrapper though is a delicate Ecuadorian Habano leaf grown by the Oliva family. There is an expressive story at the back of the packaging about the wrapper. It goes,

“ Handmade in Nicaragua, Havana Q is rolled with genuine Havana-seed wrapper, grown on the alluvial plains at the foot of the Cotuguay Mountains in the renowned Guayas tobacco-growing region of Ecuador. The special soil and climate there are reminiscent of the famed Vinales valley in the Pinar Del Rio Province in Cuba.” Havana Q is special because it’s not just another value cigar. It’s also a Cubanesque cigar with that “Old Cuban” vibe.

Additionally, the way J.C. Newman decided to present Havana Q is worth mentioning. Havana Q comes in larger 50+ ring gauges for the same low price ($2.70-$3.30). According to J.C. Newman, this is to “cater to the modern cigar smoker’s contemporary preferences.” In your hand, no one can tell it’s a cheap cigar.

The cherry on top is the resealable humi-bag. This means you can take your Havana Qs wherever. Each humi-bag has 20 cigars in individual cellophane packaging. They’re rolled at J.C. Newman PENSA (Puros de Esteli Nicaragua, S.A.). Havana Q comes in 4 unique sizes namely Double Toro (6x54)Double Robusto (5x56)Double Grande (6x60), and Double Churchill (7x52).

Havana Q: Tasting Notes


Havana Q By Quorum Double ToroAs earlier mentioned, Havana Q is a great-looking cigar. It checks all the decent cigar pointers including well-pressed veins, barely visible seams, and well-applied caps. The wrapper is uniform mid-brown with a little oil.

Upon clipping it, I find subtle notes of moist wood, earth, and a sweet fruity zing. The shaft is pretty solid. In case you are tempted, this is not the kind of cigar you want to press to test its springy qualities. You may end up with a cracked wrapper as a result. The draw is a little tight but still good enough. I was dreading pieces of tobacco flying down my throat but none of that happened.

First Half

I don’t know if you’re like me or maybe because this is my job but I‘m more careful when smoking a cheap cigar. You want it to handle well to avoid it taking your review in a whole new direction because you got a massive crack on the wrapper. So, I carefully toast this baby before lighting it. I went with the Double Robusto.

First we have sweet fruity notes with a nutty nuance. I have to admit I was kinda jittery about the draw but it’s opened up quite nicely. Earthy undertones coupled with coffee and spice dominate the palate. Retrohale is a mixture of nuts and a little of that peppery spice.

Strength is an implicit medium. Implicit because you need to discern it especially for Maduro chomping veterans like myself. The burn is a little wavy but nothing to fret about.

Final Half

The flavors are pretty much the same in the latter half. Time and again the coffee gets sharper and the nuts get delegated to the back of the palate. The earth, fruity sweetness, and a new orange zing remain constant throughout the second half.

I must also highlight the wet wood. Actually it’s more like a combined aroma of old wood in the forest that has been rained on. You know the one that has mushrooms growing on it? Yeah. As I put the nub down, this has been worth every minute. I‘ll definitely add this to my list of shopping and have them with me as I travel. It’s a quick guilt-free treat.

Wrapping Up

This is without a doubt one of the best bundle cigars out here. In the interest of giving credit where it’s due, these are a class above the rest. For me, they are the best offing in the Quorum batch.

It’s not a premium smoke so treat it with the due care-the wrappers are usually pretty delicate. Overlook the normal inconsistencies of cheaply made cigars and you’ll have your delicious daily or hourly smoke if you so desire.

What is your favorite Quorum? Have you had the Havana Q yet? What was your experience? Share with us.


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