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CAO Brazilia Lambada

CAO Brazilia Lambada

Cao Brazilia Lambada Cigars have a premium selection of Nicaraguan tobaccos that have been perfectly blended and cured to bring you an absolutely divine smoke. The tobacco is set aside for several months to enhance its rich flavor. A silky Brazilian leaf is used to wrap each cigar. Cao Brazilia Lambada Cigars feature a beautifully constructed blend of some of the world’s finest tobaccos. Their exquisite composition allows them to be regarded quite highly among cigar connoisseurs.

CAO Cigars are not afraid to go the extra mile when it comes to their product. They spent five years locating the best Nicaraguan tobacco available before formulating the blend for these cigars. Each cigar is 6 inches long, with a ring gauge of 50. Enjoy these on a long evening walk, or relaxed evening at home. They are sold in boxes of 20. You will love how the full-bodied strength of the smoke invigorates your senses, while the rich flavor plays with your palate.


Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Quantity Cigar Filler Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
 6 x 50  (Toro) Box of 20 Brazilian Arapiraca Nicaraguan Nicaraguan Strength Full Honduras
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Tasting Notes

CAO Cigars

Tasting Notes

From the start, the CAO Brazilia has a strong aroma of sweet pine and cedar with a blend of earthy spice and nutty hay. The cigar is well-stashed with no soft spots and no visible seams. The wrapper is shiny and oily-which I don’t really mind because it makes the cigar burn slow. A cold draw delivers a sweet barnyard taste with undertones of woody well-aged tobacco flavors. The pre-light draw was so delicious I almost didn’t want to light it. It is an easy draw with just enough resistance.

First Third

With the first draw, I felt a thick, but not overwhelming savor. There is plenty of creamy, smooth smoke which feels cottony in your mouth. Right away I tasted a nutty, earthy, dry wood essence mixed with dark creamy chocolate taste. The finish is spicy yet mildly so. There are hints of lingering coffee in the front of the palate. As the draws progress, you will notice that the spice is building up a bit of heat. Another pleasant surprise was the kick. The CAO Brazilia has a formidable bang that is evident immediately and consistently.

Second Third

The middle of this cigar brings a new blend of flavor. The hints of coffee and nuts that were subtle in the first section jump to the front. Even though the coffee presence is strong, the cigar is not at all bitter. It remains smooth both in draw and smoke. The spice at this stage goes up a notch. Strength remains a heavy-medium, and the head rush is consistent. The wrapper feels oily on the lips. The burn is razor-sharp, and the ash is a beautiful silver-gray that holds up well probably to about 2 inches. Most cigars tend to mellow around the middle, but I did not experience this with the CAO Brazilia. My best guess is the coffee and spice flavors which are so pronounced in the second third keep the stogie character strong and robust.

Final Third

On the final third, the spicy zest takes a back seat. There is a heavy presence of sweet chocolatey flavor with pronounced, but not overwhelming, notes of espresso. The flavor palate has changed once again, and it is not hard to notice. The wrapper feels oily on the lips, and the essence and strength hold up to a formidable medium. Nicotine levels and aroma stay consistent. The earthy, sweetly-aged tobacco base flavor lingers in the background. CAO Brazilia burns cold. There is no heat right to the nub and the wrapper as well as binder hold up well to the end. Because of all the oil in the wrapper, you can probably get close to 2 hours of smoke from the CAO Brazilia.

What pairs well with the CAO Anaconda Toro?

In the world of cigars, finding a good stogie is half the battle. The other half is finding the right beverage to pair with your stogie. A lousy cigar pair can ruin the experience of both the cigar and the drink. The CAO Anaconda Toro is an aristocratic cigar with a myriad of exotic tobacco blend fillers. While most cigars enjoy one or two blends of tobacco as fillers, the CAO Anaconda has a combination of 5 tobacco leaves. This mix makes this cigar an intricate yet delicate treat that you want to savor. The CAO Anaconda filler is a mix of Brazilian Braganca, Brazilian Fuma Em Corda, Colombian and Dominican leaves. The wrapper is a Brazilian Bahiano Habano Ligero with a Nicaraguan binder. Clearly, this is a complex cigar so when choosing a beverage to pair, make sure its mellow enough not to overwhelm the flavors of the CAO Anaconda. The best non-alcoholic pairs for the Anaconda Toro are good ol‚Äô black tea, coffee, or a coke. Since the CAO Anaconda is such a sweet flavored cigar, pairing it with a sugary drink will go well. Under alcoholic drinks, opt for a red cabernet or any good medium-bodied red wine. CAO Anaconda has sweet fruity undertones which will be complemented by the red wine. You can also smoke your CAO Anaconda Toro with a solid dark beer. Since Anaconda Toro is a dark cigar tethering on a full-body, a stout will be a great pair. If you are a liquor kind of smoker, favor well-aged Scotch or Rum. The whisky will go well with the Anaconda Toro thanks to its mellow flavors, and the Rum will work well thanks to its sweet tones.

Why I recommend the CAO Anaconda Toro

As earlier stated, the CAO Anaconda Toro is a complex cigar. From the initial draw, you can tell that this is a real treat. The flavor palate is exquisite. This stogie is probably the sweetest I have ever had. Straightaway, you will notice the sweet citrusy flavors with thick espresso and creamy brown sugar tones. This cigar delivers a medium-strength kick with strong cinnamon and black pepper spices. It is a dark cigar that maintains strong flavors and strength all the way to the end.

Where is it available?

The CAO Anaconda is tentatively pricey compared to other cigars in its category. That being said, you may want to grab a box whenever you find it in stock because it is a widely loved stogie that is often out of stock. Don’t be surprised when you realize you don’t want to share it or you want to smoke two in a row. You can buy CAO Anaconda in cigar stores depending on the availability. The best alternative is to pre-order a box.

Who smokes CAO Anaconda Toro?

The CAO Anaconda, in my opinion, is a special occasion cigar. By this, I mean it is not a cigar that you want to smoke in a rush. It needs ample time to enjoy and really discover the various bold and subtle flavors therein. The CAO Anaconda kind of smoker is one who appreciates complexity and dainty delicacy. Someone who can appreciate a light, sweet, fruity flavored cigar and not just dark, heavy, full-bodied stogies. One thing is for sure though; a CAO Anaconda cigar stands head and shoulders above the rest. It is a unique cigar for a special person. Are ready to smoke a CAO Anaconda?

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