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Davidoff Mini Cigarillos Gold

Davidoff Mini Cigarillos Gold

Davidoff Gold Mini Cigarillos consist of natural colored Connecticut wrappers and Java binders that are of top-notch quality. The construction is strong, due to its meticulous and careful rolling process. The filler is composed of an exquisite blend of premium tobaccos from Indonesia and Brazil. These cigarillos will give you a creamy flavor, along with an aromatic smoke. The well-balanced taste appeals to the palettes of rookie aficionados as well as seasoned cigar enthusiasts. The petite size makes these perfect for smoking when on the go.

These cigars are made in Denmark by the Davidoff Family. The well-known brand stands for luxury and elegance. Each cigar measures 3 1/2 inches in length and has a ring gauge of 20. Each box contains 5 packs of 20 cigars. When you crave a break from a particularly stressful day, you can light up one of these cigars to help you unwind.


Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Quantity Cigar Filler Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
 3 1/2 x 20 (Cigarillo)  5 Packs of 20 Sumatra Java Brazil, Indonesia Strength Mild - Medium Denmark
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Tasting Notes

Davidoff Cigars

About Davidoff Mini Cigarillos

Oettinger Davidoff Group offers a wide portfolio of cigars and cigarillos to suite every occasion.
We all know that many cigar brands venture into cigarillos just to minimize wastage of short fillers.
But not Davidoff. The premise of the Davidoff Mini Cigarillos is to create a luxurious smoking experience for a fraction of a full-sized cigar.

In their own words‚ 'In their single-minded pursuit to create only the very best cigars, Davidoff believes in the importance of time. Taking precious time to craft an exceptional cigar, and equally taking the time to enjoy that cigar, lies at the very heart of Davidoff's philosophy.'

Options and Characteristics

Davidoff cigarillos come in a variety of options featuring different flavour profiles. They include Silver, Gold, Platinum, Exquisitos, and Nicaragua.

Fillers, binder, and wrapper are largely the same in these decadent mini cigars. The main fillers are Indonesian, Brazilian, Dominican, and Nicaraguan fillers. You may find a Java, Mexican, Dominican, or Jalapa binder while the wrappers are mainly Ecuadorian Sumatra Habano leaves.
Even though some sources cite these cigarillos as machine made, we believe that Davidoff Mini Cigarillos are hand-rolled. This is because of their mildly rustic appearance and subtle inconsistencies that are typical with hand-rolled stogies.

Davidoff mini cigars range in the mild to medium spectrum. They feature delicately aged, naturally dry-cured tobacco. In fact, these blends are dry-cured for 4 years to 10 years.
The blends then undergo a two-cycle fermentation process to attain implicit supplication and the devilish deliciousness typical in all Davidoff cigars.

Davidoff Mini Cigarillo Flavour Profiles

1.Davidoff Mini Cigarillo Silver

Davidoff Mini Cigarillos Silver

The Davidoff mini cigarillo Silver is a fun-size 3.31x20. It is laden with Indonesian and Brazilian fillers, cradled in a Java binder, and draped in a Sumatra wrapper.
You can expect delightful smoothness from this stogie. Flavour notes will cruise between cherry, creamy latte, a skosh of cedar and oak. There are notes of leather and earth on the Retrohale.

Overall, the winning flavour is good ol' premium tobacco flavour. This cigarillo is very warm and pleasant without any spice or harsh notes.

2.Davidoff Mini Cigar Exquisito

The Davidoff mini cigar Exquisito features premium Dominican fillers swathed in a Mexican binder and an Ecuadorian wrapper. This stogie is a petite 3.62x22.
The Exquisito is wonderfully creamy with hints of toast and warm earthy nutmeg.
You may experience a touch of sweetness on the back of the palate and Retrohale. These along with traces of coffee and spice make this smoke worth every penny.

3.Davidoff Mini Cigarillo Nicaragua

The Davidoff mini cigarillo Nicaragua is the perfect balance between bitter and sweet.
This is not a surprise because this bad boy is filled with deliciously blended Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers sheltered in a Sumatra binder. The wrapper is a divine Ecuadorian leaf.

Flavourwise, the Davidoff mini cigarillo Nicaragua rocks a smooth, light woody flavour backed by creamy latte notes. You may notice sprinkling of salty notes at the back of the palate.Retrohale is all creamy, smooth premium tobacco notes with a touch of espresso.

4.Davidoff Mini Cigarillo Platinum

Davidoff Mini Cigarillos Platinum

The Davidoff mini cigarillo Platinum stays true to its aristocratic name. Packed with Dominican fillers wound in a Dominican binder and cloaked in a Sumatra Habano leaf from Ecuador, this baby is truly a treat.

The flavour palate on this stogie walks the delicate line between sweet and savory. You will be greeted with sweet, creamy, coffee, and hazelnut deliciousness on the front of the palate. Aromatic cedar, subtle spice, and leathery notes dominate the back of the palate.

The best part is the implicit sweetness layered with a sleek bitter-ish disposition. Now, don't get me wrong; this bitterness isn't the cloying vomitrocious kind triggered by the chemical taste of low-quality garbage fillers. It's a shy, refined bitter-ish driblet that serves to add depth and complexity to the flavour profile.

5.Davidoff Mini Cigarillo Gold

Davidoff Mini Cigarillos Gold

I saved the best for last. If you are looking for a simple, uncomplicated smoke that is as close to a full-size cigar flavour as it gets, go with this bad boy. It is stuffed with a sublime blend of Brazilian, Indonesian, and Caribbean fillers, sheathed in a Java binder, and adorned in a Sumatra wrapper.

The Davidoff mini cigarillo Gold is quite simply a fun-size full-flavour stogie. It will not compromise on zing or pretend to be something complex with transitions. All you will get is a light, wonderful, flavour-packed smoke with top-notch tobacco flavours and a medium body.

Overall Review of Davidoff Mini Cigarillos

Davidoff mini cigarillos are the perfect way to spend a quick break. Thanks to their flawless construction, easy draw, and phenomenal flavour profile, you will never go wrong having these close by.

Additionally, the packaging makes it easy to take your Davidoff mini cigarillos anywhere.
You may be taken aback by the pricing. Davidoff cigars in general teeter on the higher side in terms of price. These Davidoff mini cigarillos cost around $2 a pop but trust us, they are worth the trouble.

For the most part Davidoff mini cigarillos and Davidoff Cigars in general tend to rank higher in Europe. However, their popularity and demand is slowly rising in the US as well. And why not? The Davidoff name is synonymous with quality and excellence in the cigar world. So, the next time you're shopping for cigars, throw a few packs of these in your humidor. You will glad you did.

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  • Davidoff Mini Cigarillos Gold
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