Diamond Crown Maximus Cigars

Diamond Crown MaxDiamond Crown Maximus Cigars are the epitome of an ultra premium full bodied cigar. Diamond Crown Maximus Cigars were developed in the 90s as the market moved toward the more full bodied cigars.

The Diamond Crown Maximus utilizes specially aged Dominican filler that is blended by Carlito Fuente and combined with a rare Sungrown Ecuadorian tobacco wrapper watchfully grown in the El Bajo region of Ecuador by the Olivas Family who are well known for producing the finest tobacco in the world. This exquisite blend gives the Diamond Crown Maximus Cigar its full bodied yet smooth flavors of coffee bean, earth, and a well balanced undertone of cedar spice. The Diamond Crown Maximus is truly a legendary cigar that was collaborated on by the legendary cigar minds of the Fuentes, the Olivas, and the Newmans. The Diamond Crown Maximus is only available to a limited number of suppliers around the world and is made in limited quantities due to the extra special aging the tobacco undergoes.