H. Upmann Connecticut Toro

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H. Upmann Connecticut Toro features a special blend of tobaccos. The filler is Nicaraguan and binder is Dominican. Each tobacco selected has it's own unique qualities and together forms a unique blend. The result is a mild to medium bodied smoke with a beautiful looking, darker than usual Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. H. Upmann Connecticut Toro is 6 x 50 and available in five packs or boxes of 20.


Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Quantity Cigar Filler Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
6 X 50(Toro) Box of 20 Ecuadorian Connecticut Dominican Nicaraguan Strength Mild - Medium Dominican Republic

H. Upmann Connecticut

Tasting Notes

The typical Connecticut Shade stogie is pretty predictable. By this, I mean the strength usually caps at the medium point. This is why Connecticut Shade cigars rarely appeal to aficionados. Well, Upmann Connecticut is everything but typical.

Right from the first draw, this stogie displays distinct traits of contemporary complexity. It opens with notes of roasted cereal, black tea, musty wood, and cinnamon taking their respective turns on the tip of the tongue. Leather notes, nuts, and a sweet woody disposition pitch camp at the back. Retrohale is all white pepper with a fresh citrusy tang.
The sweet citrus notes will increase as you draw closer to the mid-point. Dry wood, earth, dark chocolate, and subtle mocha notes dash in and out. There is a buttery, creamy, peppery, medium finish with some of the heat camping on the lips.

Salted pretzels. You may or may not experience this flavor, but it is absolutely divine and equally surprising. It zooms in and out, and I was obsessed with chasing it. Later, the salted pretzel flavor dissipates, giving way to slightly charred wood, sweet notes of caramel, and a nutmeg-like spice. As the H. Upmann Connecticut draws to a close, it’s a melding of flavors including earth, cedar, barnyard, cocoa, coffee, cinnamon, cream, citrus, and red pepper.

The cedar nuances fuse with hay, grass, and mild oak notes. This fusion gains a bit of char to complete the picture. It isn’t the bitter kind of char either; just a pleasant smoky savor that can’t really be explained. Retrohale is all musky, woody notes with a bit of cream and pepper. With my last draw, the nub reclaims creamy coffee with a spicy black pepper undertone. H. Upmann Connecticut Toro

Overall Review

H. Upmann Connecticut smokes like a champ. There were no burn issues to speak of, and the smoke output was phenomenal. Strength came up to a strong medium. The last third delivered a sneaky nicotine kick that is entirely unlike Connecticut Shade cigars. And even though there were no stark flavor transitions, it was a pleasant smoking experience with enough bang to keep me interested.

Wrapping Up

Grupo de Maestros have never steered us wrong. And they are right on the nose with this blend. If you have not tried it yet, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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