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Little Cigars

Little Cigars

Little cigars give you a full flavored experience, while saving you much of the time required to smoke a regular-sized cigar. Gotham Cigars has a wide array of some of the world’s finest, pocket-sized smokes that aren’t short on taste or texture.

If you’re looking for a smoke that’s mild and smooth, try a Captain Black Little Cigar. These cigars are made with a variety of high-quality tobaccos from the Philippines, Indonesia and America. Gold Rush Little cigars are sweet, smooth and packed with a select blend of US-grown filler tobaccos. Hav-A-Tampa Little cigars offer a classic flavor and are rich in history. They are crafted from a blend of Honduran and Dominican tobaccos that produce an irresistibly mild and smooth smoke.

Muriel Little cigars are loaded with Caribbean-basin Cuban-seed pipe tobaccos that result in a mellow and slightly sweet smoke. A lovely blend of Honduran and Dominican tobaccos is used to create each Phillies Little cigar that imparts a mellow, aged flavor to the smoke. Prime Time Little cigars offer a fusion of natural tobaccos that facilitate a refreshing and flavor-packed experience. An iconic taste can be detected in each puff of a Swisher Sweets Little cigar. These cigars are made with special blends of premium tobaccos that have been infused with unique flavors. Winchester Little cigars are some of the stronger varieties available in the market, consisting of premium tobacco blends that burn slowly.

All Little cigar varieties are machine-made, and available in different lengths that range from 3 to 3 ⅞ inches. Widths vary between ring gauges of 20 to 22.

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