Prime Time Little Cigars

 Prime Time Little Cigars have been one of the most popular, small sized cigars among the regular and occasional smokers. Readily available at most stores in America and priced at extremely reasonable prices, these smokes are the perfect option for anyone looking to take some load off their backs. Filled with genuine Scottsdale tobacco grown in Arizona and wrapped in a Colorado Claro wrapper, Prime Time Little Cigars are sure to give you value for your money. 

The cigars are available in a whole range of exciting flavors such as Menthol, Blueberry, Dragon Fruit, Grape, Cherry, Chocolate Mint, Peach, Raspberry, Strawberry, Vanilla, Sweet and Watermelon.

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These flavors are not just good to taste but also exude fruity, delectable aroma when smoked making sure that the entire ambiance is one of sweet smells. Another benefit is that these cigars come wrapped as single sticks. So if you’re not a regular smoker and would like to try one you can buy a single smoke and enjoy it. On the other hand if you’re a regular smoker, the brand has packs of 20, which will keep you well stocked up for a long time. So, if you’re looking to try out new flavors and want to relax with a pleasing smoke after a long and tiring day, Prime Time Little Cigars are just what you need.

Quantity: 10 Packs of 20