Partagas Black Label Cigars

Partagas Black Label

Certainly not made for a novice smoker, Partagas Black Label Cigars are expertly crafted, premium cigars that can be truly relished only by a connoisseur. Handmade in the Dominican Republic, these bold and full-bodied cigars are unique and distinct due to their Medio Tiempo wrapper and strong blend of Nicaraguan and Piloto Cubano ligeros.

The Dominican binder used in these cigars is grown in La Vega Especial, one of the best farms in the country. The strong blend of fillers in these robust cigars impart a complex blend of flavors which include dark chocolate, nut and coffee interspersed with bursts of pepper and spice. But the secret behind the cigars’ powerhouse strength is the natural, sun-grown Connecticut Shade wrapper that is left on the vines for half the time longer than is usual, giving it the name Medio Tiempo.

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