Racer Cigars


Racer Filtered Cigars are fast becoming best-sellers in the United States! If you have been looking for cigars that are packed with flavor, are compact in size and come at very affordable prices, then your search ends here. The combination of these unique features makes these a hot favorite with both new and experienced smokers. These filtered cigars are filled with a masterful blend of high-quality tobacco leaves. With every drag, the taste and aroma will entice your senses. These cigars measure 3 ⅞ inches in length and have a ring gauge of 20.

The petite size makes it convenient for you to smoke these anytime, anywhere, and makes them the perfect alternative to traditional full-sized cigars. 

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Racer cigars come in a variety of flavors. If you like robust cigars, then the full flavored ones are a great choice. Their bold and rich smoke will delight you with every drag. Those who prefer mellow flavors should definitely try the mild cigars. The light essence is smooth and subtle, gently soothing your nerves. If you want a smoke that is refreshing and cool, then smoking the menthol cigars on a hot summer night will certainly satisfy you. For those with a more adventurous streak, Racer offers many exotic fruity flavors as well. Try out the cherry, strawberry and peach cigars. The tangy and delicious aromatic smoke will playfully captivate your senses.

Racer Filtered Cigars are manufactured by Global Tobacco in U.S.A. These cigars come in airtight cigarette-like boxes, which helps preserve their flavor and freshness and makes these cigars highly portable. Kick start your day with these or have one to relax at night. The high quality and value for money also makes these perfect for sharing with friends at social gatherings.