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  • White Owl Cigarillos Gold 2 for $0.99 upright & foilpack
  • White Owl Cigarillos Gold 2 for $0.99 foilpack
  • White Owl Cigarillos Gold 2 for $0.99 uprights

White Owl Cigarillos Gold 2 for 0.99

$30.00 (You save $5.01)

    Buy White Owl Cigarillos Gold 30x2 Pack Online

    The exquisite flavor of White Owl Gold Cigarillos comes from a combination of tobaccos from five different parts of the world. The fillers are wrapped up in sophisticated smooth gold-colored wrappers that give you a consistent and slow burn. These full-bodied cigars are surprisingly mild in flavor, gently caressing your senses. It will be of no surprise if these gold cigarillos soon become your favorite.

    White Owl Cigarillos Gold packs are a box of 60 inexpensive cigars that will floor you with its taste and aroma! These machine-made cigarillos measure 4 ⅝ inches in length and have a ring gauge of 28. White Owl is an American brand, famous for making superior cigars at reasonable prices. White Owls were first produced in 1887 and  are now manufactured in Dothan, Alabama.

    This box has 30 foil pouches, with a pair in each. The packaging keeps the flavor and freshness of each piece as pungent as when first produced. These gold cigarillos are great for smoking leisurely at home, as well as for sharing them with friends and family at social get togethers.

    Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
    4 5/8 x 28 30 Packs of 2  Natural Strength Mild USA