White Owl Blunts Xtra Vanilla

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Savor the refreshing smoke offered by White Owl Xtra Vanilla Blunts. These exquisite cigars are concocted with a blend of tobaccos that have been gathered from five different countries. Added hints of vanilla flavoring are also infused into the tobacco blend and help create a smoke that is popular amongst both casual and regular cigar smokers. These machine-made cigars employ sheet tobacco for the wrapper and binder, which balances the different flavors in the filler and also provides texture consistency. These vanilla flavored cigars are your go-to choice for after-dinner smoke with a glass of premium whiskey.

Swedish Match, a premier cigar manufacturing giant, assembles these finely crafted stogies so you can be assured of a quality product. The cigars are 5 inches in length with a ring gauge of 41 and look similar to a petit corona. The makers sell them in boxes of 30, within individual foil wrappings that preserve the flavor and aroma and keep these cigars fresh.

Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
5 x 41 Pack of 30 Natural Strength Mild USA

White Owl Cigars

Tasting Notes

The White Owl Cigar brand is unlike any other in the industry. Tracing its roots from the late 19th century, this brand has obviously had time to weave its way into the hearts of stogie lovers. Like many brands from its time, being on the market for such a long time is both a blessing and a curse. Quality may fizzle over time, ruining the reputation of a once revered brand. Lucky for White Owl, this has not been the case. White Owl is just as popular as it has always been thanks to constant rebranding and innovation with new flavors to keep the brand fresh and exciting. To date, White Owl has the most flavors out of all the cigar brands on the market.

White Owl Cigar Flavors

No matter what your flavor choice is, chances are you will find a favorite in the White Owl brand. First off, White Owl cigars come in three categories, Regular-sized cigars, Blunts, and Cigarillos. Each category has a list of flavors to choose from. White Owl Regulars consist of New Yorkers, Rangers, Coronetta, Demi Tip and Invincible flavors. White Owl Cigarillos have fruity flavors including Blue Raspberry, White Peach, White GrapeWhite Grape, Tropical Twist, Green Sweet, Honey, Fresh Grape, Fresh Strawberry, Fresh Pineapple, Fresh Mango, and Sweets. There are also Emerald and Platinum flavors for those who like unsweetened natural tobacco flavored cigarillos. White Owl cigarillos also carry flavors that are identified purely by color namely; Black, Silver, Gold, and Blue. As for the White Owl blunts, you will find fruity goodness including Grape, Peach, Strawberry, White Grape, Kiwi, Xtra Strawberry, Xtra Grape, Xtra Peach, Xtra Vanilla, Xtra Watermelon, and Xtra Wild Apple.

Why is the White Owl Brand So Popular?

As earlier stated, White Owl is a brand that has been around forever. But rather than be old and dated, this brand keeps reinventing itself with new and hip flavors that stogie lovers cannot get enough of. For a machine-made cigar, the White Owl brand enjoys tobacco blends from five to six different countries. The filler is then wrapped in a sheet-type wrapper that is flavorful and slow burning. Such precision in the making of White Owl cigars has ensured the taste, as well as the mild to medium strength, has remained consistent throughout the years. With all the flavors available plus some naturally unsweetened blends, White Owl ensures that both beginners and aficionados can have their pick and enjoy, no matter their preference.

Perhaps the best attribute of the White Owl brand is the individual foil fresh packaging that ensures that each stogie stays fresh up until you smoke it and, of course, the fact that White Owl cigars are incredibly affordable and available everywhere.

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