Wrangler Cigars


Wrangler Filtered cigars are one of the best machine-made stogies available presently and are a worthy addition to the already popular line of Vaquero Filtered Cigars. They are one the most cost-effective substitutes for the premium hand-made cigars available today. These cigars are remarkably forged by Sunshine Tobacco and have been created to provide an excellent smoke for aficionados who appreciate good flavor at an inexpensive price.

Coming from a brand that is well known for its supreme quality tobacco products, these machine-crafted cigars use the best tobacco from the farms in the USA. The premium tobacco leaves give these cigars an herbaceous, mild and woodsy taste. 

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The taste and aroma of these classics are so pleasant that even the most selective smokers fall for these cigars. They are packaged in cartons of 10 packs of 20 cigars each. These cigars are very easy to light and have an even mellow burn. Wrangler Filtered cigars are world renowned for their flavor consistency and optimum construction. 

Available in 5 ambrosial flavors including Menthol, Full Flavor, Light, Ultra-Light and Menthol-Light, these filtered cigars will surely relax your mind after a tiring day. Their unique taste and flavor has earned them rave reviews from cigar buffs all over the world. These affordable cigars come in two different casings-soft and box. With their consistency, taste and construction, these long-filtered cigars will enchant you in way that will ensure that you never let them go.