Punch Signature Cigar Review

Punch Signature Cigar Review

Posted by Blazing Bill on 22nd Sep 2021

Punch Signature Pita

The Punch Brand

The Punch brand is one of the oldest and most well-known cigar brands in the world. The company is named after the character “Punch” from the historical Punch and Judy puppet show. The company began way back in the mid-1800s, and it has been quite popular ever since. Punch is known for referencing its long and storied history in the look and even taste of their cigars. The Punch Signature is no exception.

Where and How the Punch Signature is Made

The Punch Signature cigar is made in the famous STG Danli factory in Honduras, which also makes premium cigars for many other brands. It is a regular release, and Punch will be making this cigar for the foreseeable future. It is hand-rolled, as are all premium cigars. The Punch Signature is rolled with a double cap, which is also common for premium cigars.

The Types of Tobacco Used in the Punch Signature

The Punch Signature features a unique tobacco blend that is intended to taste similar to the original Punch cigar from the 19th century. For example, the wrapper of the original Punch cigar was a Cuban Corojo. The modern Punch Signature uses a very similar Ecuadorian Corojo. The Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos are the same blends used in the original cigar. The Punch Signature also includes a Connecticut Habano binder.

The Punch Signature has Received High Ratings

The Punch Signature is on the more affordable end of the premium cigar spectrum, but this hasn’t kept it from getting positive reviews. Cigar Aficionado, which is considered to be the most prestigious magazine in the industry, gave the Signature an excellent 90 rating. Most of the cigars that have received ratings of 90 or higher from Cigar Aficionado are significantly more expensive. The acclaim that the Signature has received is one of the main reasons that Punch decided to keep the cigar as a regular release, rather than making it a limited-release product.

The Punch Signature Tasting Notes


Punch Signature Rothschild

We reviewed the robusto vitola of the Signature. The Punch Signature comes in boxes of 18 that have a solid blue and red coloration. The first thing that jumps out when you actually take out a cigar is the large white band. The original Punch logo is printed in black on the front of the band, while the “Punch” character is printed on the back of the band.

The Punch Signature is very well-constructed, with a solid and tight feel. The wrapper is very oily, and includes several large veins. If you look closely, you can spot a few seams. The pre-light aroma of the Signature is faint and composed of a leathery scent. A pre-light draw gives flavors of leather and a hint of cedar.

First Third

The Signature took a few tries to light fully. This is common for cigars with very oily wrappers. The Signature has a fairly firm draw, so you have to draw a bit harder than usual. It starts to crackle and sizzle after a few draws. The flavors begin with a strong cedar note that is quickly joined by notes of earth and jalapeno peppers. This blend of cedar, earth, and jalapeno dominates the Signature’s flavor profile throughout the first third of the stick.

As the Signature burns down to the end of the first third, the burn line becomes a little wavy. However, it does not get to the point where it negatively affects the smoking experience. The medium-gray ash is a little flakey, but it still holds well.


The strong cedar flavor from the first third of the cigar continues into the mid-third portion, though it does evolve a little bit. The note goes from fresh cedar to more of a toasted cedar flavor. As the mid-third of the cigar burns on, the toasted cedar flavor is joined by a surprising and delicious note of milk chocolate. These two flavors work together surprisingly well, giving the cigar a sweet and full-bodied flavor profile. As the cigar approaches its final third, the spiciness that briefly showed up in the first third of the cigar returns. This time, however, the note is more of chili peppers than jalapeno peppers.

Final Third

Punch Signature Rothschild

The toasted cedar flavor that was dominant through the mid-third portion of the cigar stays at the forefront throughout the Punch Signature’s final third. The pleasant milk chocolate and chili pepper flavors that made the mid-third of the cigar so special fade away early in the final third. The toasted cedar flavor is instead augmented by a lovely note of roasted almonds. The roasted almond flavor appears in the midst of the final third, and lingers throughout the rest of the cigar.

Though the wavy burn line did make me a bit wary, the Signature’s premium construction ensured that the cigar burned relatively evenly the whole way. The ash even held throughout the cigar, and I didn’t have to touch it up once.

The Punch Signature is an Affordable, Yet High-Quality Cigar

In conclusion, the Punch Signature is exactly what you want from a relatively affordable premium cigar. It has a dynamic and bold flavor profile and offers a smooth smoking experience. Considering the price of the SIgnature, it meets or perhaps even exceeds my expectations. I would recommend that cigar lovers who want a unique smoking experience on a budget try the Punch Signature.