Camacho Powerband Cigars

Camacho PowerbandThe Camacho Powerband, the newest addition to the Camacho Cigars line is inspired by the strength, speed, and acceleration of a classic V-twin engine. It is an intense, adrenaline-fueled cigar blended to electrify a community of freedom seekers. This cigar is a high-octane smoke for enthusiasts that seek out a cigar with a robust kick of oomph.

The Camacho Powerband features a new bunching technique that combines a Dominican accordion style in which filler leaves are folded like an accordion and a Cuban entubado technique where the filler leaves are rolled into long cylindrical tubes. This bunching process is used to maximize airflow for peak performance. Each puff will satisfy with a full, robust draw of smoke that will coat your palette.

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