Camacho Powerband Cigars

The Camacho Powerband, the newest addition to the Camacho Cigars line is inspired by the strength, speed, and acceleration of a classic V-twin engine. It is an intense, adrenaline-fueled cigar blended to electrify a community of freedom seekers. This cigar is a high-octane smoke for enthusiasts that seek out a cigar with a robust kick of oomph.

The Camacho Powerband features a new bunching technique that combines a Dominican accordion style in which filler leaves are folded like an accordion and a Cuban entubado technique where the filler leaves are rolled into long cylindrical tubes. This bunching process is used to maximize airflow for peak performance. Each puff will satisfy with a full, robust draw of smoke that will coat your palette.

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This powerful cigar also features tobaccos from five different regions. Two high-octane Corojo Ligero tobaccos, one from Esteli, Nicaragua and the other from Honduras, along with San Vicente Ligero from the Dominican Republic. The filler features San Vicente Viso and Piloto Cubano both from the Dominican. The binder is Negrito San Andres from Mexico and finally this amazing blend is wrapped with a Habano 2000 wrapper grown in the hills of Ecuador.

You can expect to experience the bold notes of chili pepper and oak at the beginning and then the flavor notes slowly shift into dark coffee and cocoa that ends with a revved-up punch from this powerhouse of a cigar.