Camacho Triple Maduro Cigars

If you like the dark maduro cigars, it surely cannot get bolder than Camacho Triple Maduro. This premium line of Camacho cigars was created by Christian Eiro, a well known cigar craftsman. The only all-Maduro cigar available presently, this innovative line contains a Maduro wrapper, a Maduro filler and a Maduro binder and that is the reason it is christened as triple Maduro! The characteristic Maduro black leaf is present in the cigar in 3 layers. It took the premium Camacho brand about 84 tries to come to this perfect, harmonious combination of Maduro leaves. 

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Camacho Triple Cigars are intensely full flavored and take more than 2 hour to finish. These cigars are handmade in Jamastran valley in Honduras. With dark, earthy aroma and a flavor full of spicy hints, these cigars provide an ultimate Maduro experience that is a must smoke in the repertoire of any cigar enthusiast. All the maduro tobaccos from the wrapper to the filler are grown in Honduras, which makes the cigar a Honduran puro. With a rich and full-bodied smoke, these cigars shall leave you satisfied and fulfilled. 

Camacho Triple Maduro cigars come in various vitolas namely 11/18, Robusto, Corona, Figurado and Gordo. Pick any one and experience the pleasure of smoking these cigars on the golf course or while you are sitting back and relaxing on a slow, lazy weekend. These robust, full-bodied cigars are a good match with single malt scotch or the evergreen cigar companion- a cup of steaming hot coffee.

Wrapper: Honduras (Maduro) 
Binder: Honduras (Maduro) 
Filler: Honduras (Maduro) 
Handmade in: Honduras