Java Latte Cigars

Java Latte CigarsEvery time your lips touch the smooth wrapper of a Java Latte Cigar, you’ll feel like you’ve just taken a smooth sip of creamy espresso. Their divine taste and limited supply make them quite the commodity among cigar enthusiasts.

Each cigar begins with an exquisite Nicaraguan long filler and binder that bring a rich and full flavor to the smoke. The tobaccos are then taken through an aging process where they are carefully infused with a delicious mocha flavor.

A luscious and  silky Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper gives a mellow and smooth texture to each puff. The end result is a medium-bodied, creamy smoke with a luxuriously smooth finish. The cigars are handcrafted in the traditional parejo shape, which allows you to hold them comfortably. 

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