Nub Habano Cigars

Nub Habano

Nub Habano Cigars cut right to the chase and deliver exemplary richness and flavor on the first draw, rather than making you wait till the last 3 ½ to 4 inches to reach that sweet spot akin to regular-sized cigars.

This Nicaraguan Puro contains with some of the finest tobaccos the country has to offer. Once each cigar is packed to the brim with this deliciously dark tobacco, they are hand-rolled in a luscious and glossy Habano wrapper.The end result is a full and uniform smoke that packs a punch with every puff.

The rich tobacco is beautifully accented by flavor notes of nuts and bread, with a warm and smoky aftertaste. The cigars can be enjoyed in 4 different sizes, including 3 ¾ x 54, 3 ¾ x 58, 4 x 60 and a 4 x 64 torpedo size. With the exception to the torpedo, all cigars are featured in the classic parejo shape for smooth and easy handling. 

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