Tubed Cigars

Designed for traveling and on the go smokers, cigar tubes are the perfect way to carry your premium cigars with you. Cigar tubes are the ideal size, making them extremely convenient to carry in your pocket, luggage or golf bag. These tubes protect your precious cigars while keeping them well-preserved and free from damage. Here at Gotham Cigars, you'll find two varieties of tubes: aluminum and glass. Browse our collection of Rocky Patel vintage 1990 cigars, as well as other vintage year. We have a variety of Ashton cigars, like Crystal No.1, Imperial, and Monarch. For Olivia serie cigars, you can find Serie G tubos and Serie O Tubos.

Cigar tubes do more than offer protection. With an attractive design, they are perfect gifts for any smoker. If you are considering buying cigar tubes, you might ask yourself this important question, “Should I store my cigar tubes in my humidor?” The answer is “yes.” The best way to store them is to remove the tubes and place your stogies in the humidor; however, if you are keeping your cigars inside the tubes, consider cutting the cap off. Glass tubes will keep your stogies fresher longer because aluminum tubes aren’t perfectly air tight. If you are on the road often, like to light up on the golf course or enjoy a smoke with friends, why take a whole bulky box? Go ahead and take your tubed cigars with you!