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90 Plus Rated Cigars

Buy 90 Plus Rated Cigars at GothamCigars.com

Buy 90 Plus Rated Cigars Online at GothamCigars.com.  Click here to see all our top ratred cigars - Buy Now!Are 90 plus rated cigars all that? Well, Cigar Aficionado Magazine™ thinks so. And they should know. As the leading author on top rated cigars, Cigar Aficionado assembles a panel of experts to determine the best rated cigar from a wide selection of candidates. Their selection process of the top rated cigar is rigorous and extensive. Their cigar experts from around the world only award a small number of cigars as 90 plus rated cigars.

At GothamCigars we pride ourselves on being able to bring you a selection of 20 exceptional cigar manufacturers’ sticks that meet Cigar Aficionado Magazine’s high standards. Because we deal directly with the factory we are able to source these 90 rated cigars for you at unbelievable prices. The owners of brands such as Rocky Patel, Alec Bradley and others are no stranger to our facility in Miami. It is this close relationship that allows us to sell these cigars with the best cigar ratings in the industry at such low prices.

What is a best rated cigar?

Cigar Aficionado Magazine™ has an extensive process for selecting their best rated cigar. Each candidate cigar is judged on appearance, smoking characteristics, flavor and an overall subjective evaluation. Each taster rates the cigar and gives it a point value on a 100 point scale that was developed by Wine Spectator Magazine in 1992. For a much more detailed explanation of the best cigar ratings process, watch this video from Gordon Mott, Executive Editor of Cigar Aficionado Magazine.

Click here to watch how Cigar Aficionado Magazine rates cigars incuding their 90 plus rated cigars.Watch how Cigar Aficionado Magazine conducts their top rated cigars taste tests.


Which 90 Plus Rated Cigars Are Right For You?

That’s a good question. The best way we know how to do that is to smoke them. As Gordon Mott says, “one man’s sugar is another man’s lime”. Simply put, all of our tastes vary, so what works for you, may not be what someone else finds pleasing. With our selection of these highly rated cigars from manufacturers such as Arturo Fuente, Rocky Patel, Gurkha, Padron, Partagas and many more you are sure to find the 90 plus rated cigars that suit your taste. And remember to order enough to be able to share with your friends. They’ll appreciate that you selected only the top rated cigars for them to enjoy.

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