Ashton 898

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Ashton 898 cigars are part of the company's classic line, reaching an unmatched level of quality and flavor. They are one of the few brands on the market that can truly claim the title of being a “luxury cigar.

Ashton Cigars started their business in 1985 by launching six cigar varieties. Today, they have created an exquisite line of fine products that have caught the attention of cigar connoisseurs worldwide. Each cigar is 6 1/2 inches in length, with a ring gauge of 44, allowing for an indulgent evening smoke. They are formed from a premium selection of Dominican tobacco which form the long filler and binder. A Connecticut Shade wrapper is then used to bring more depth of flavor to each cigar. Ashton Classics, like this 898 variety, are known for a mild texture and buttery flavor that is sure to satisfy. They are sold in sets of 25 packaged in latchable wooden boxes that maintain the cigars’ freshness.

Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Quantity Cigar Filler Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
6 1/2 x 44 (Lonsdale) Box of 25 USA/Connecticut Dominican Dominican Strength Mild Dominican Republic