Acid Blue Kuba Kuba Maduro

$39.95 - $150.00

Each Acid Blue Kuba Kuba Maduro cigar is packed with a wonderful blend of Nicaraguan tobacco leaves aged for months in aroma rooms filled with over 150 herbs, essential oils, spices, and natural botanicals. Infused with a motley of rich flavors, these medium-bodied cigars produce a delightfully aromatic smoke with an exquisite taste. Each cigar is 5 inches in length and has a ring gauge of 54. These Robusto-shaped cigars are held together by Nicaraguan binders and Maduro wrappers, which add a ripe sweetness to their flavor profile. Packed and sealed tightly in cellophane, these cigars do not lose their flavor or freshness. Their excellent quality is well-preserved, giving you a fully satisfying smoke.

Handmade by Drew Estate, these Maduro cigars are bestsellers across the United States. After a heavy meal, these premium cigars are great replacements for the desserts. Enjoy them alone leisurely at home or with your friends at social get-togethers. This box of 24 Acid Blue Kuba Kuba Maduro cigars are of premium quality you can count on.

Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Quantity Cigar Filler Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
5 x 54 (Robusto) Box of 24 Connecticut Broadleaf Nicaraguan Nicaraguan Strength Medium Nicaragua
Category: Premium Cigars
Brand: Acid
Wrapper: Maduro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Origin: Nicaragua
Ring Gauge: 54
Length: 5
Shape: Robusto
Strength: Medium
Quantity: 24
Package Type: Box