Phillies Filtered Cigars

Phillies Filtered Cigars

Craving for a cigar when you are on the go but do not want to compromise on quality? Phillies Filtered Cigars are the perfect choice for you. Known for their classic blend of Dominican and Honduran tobaccos, these machine-rolled cigars are exceptional in quality and superiority. Measuring 3 ⅛ inches in length with a ring gauge of 20, the cigars are filled with Caribbean Basin Cuban-seed fillers bound by a homogenized binder and natural, light brown homogenized wrapper. Deriving their name from Philadelphia where they were originally produced by Bayuk Cigars Inc., these filtered cigars are now manufactured by Altadis USA Inc., one of the leading companies producing machine-made cigars.

The cigars are rated highly for their appearance, consistency and flavor. The even burn and nice draw also make them very popular amongst cigar connoisseurs.

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The filtered cigars are available in three flavors - regular, menthol and sweet. The Regular cigars ensure a full-bodied aromatic smoke due to their blend of classic tobaccos and compact packing. For those who like a milder, sweeter flavor in their cigars, the Sweet cigars offer a mellow variation. After an exhausting day, sit back and relax with a Menthol cigar, which is sure to refresh you with its cool peppermint flavor. 

Phillies Filtered Cigars are available in cigarette-sized cartons of 10 with 20 cigars each. This makes them easy to carry around. Superb flavors and a clean draw which rivals that of a hand-made cigar, these cigars are ideal for a novice as well as aficionados.