Ashton Cigars: Worth the price? Or Overpriced?

Ashton Cigars: Worth the price? Or Overpriced?

Posted by Smoking Sammy on 20th Jun 2017

Ashton Cigars

Ashton Cigars are to a smoker what Bahamas is to a traveler’s bucket list. It is that one experience you have always wanted to have, but have been putting off considering the expensive price tag attached to it. This luxury brand of cigars is synonymous with quality and class but they aren’t wallet-friendly by any means. So, the question here is; Are Ashton cigars worth all that hype and hoopla? Read on to find out for yourself! 

The History of Ashton Cigars

As is the case with the most reputed cigar brands in the world, even Ashton Cigars have a fine story to tell about how they came to be. Ashton Cigars are a product of the mid-1980s and are a combined creation of Robert Levin, a tobacconist and the Fuente family, the celebrated tobacco manufacturers from Dominica. 

Robert Levin spent his initial years in the field as an importer but he made sure that he gained some insightful information about the ins and outs of the tobacco industry. And, when he was sure that he had enough experience in the field, he decided to launch a brand of his own. Using all that knowledge he had gathered as a seller and importer, Robert Levin was soon on the lookout for a manufacturer who could create the kind of premium cigars he had in mind. His quest for the right manufacturer ended with the Fuente family as he was impressed by the quality and consistency of the cigars they produced. The marketing experience of Levin plus the blending expertise of Fuente family turned Ashton Cigars into a much adored cigar brand of the time. These first-rate Cigars soon became a reputed name in the tobacco industry with smokers obsessing over the premium quality in expert craftsmanship used in Ashton Cigars.

The Ashton Cigar Experience

Ashton Magnum

The Ashton Cigars has enough reasons for why it is the preferred choice of smokers looking for a luxurious smoke. The best thing about it has to be the consistency it offers. Every time you light up an Ashton Cigar, you know exactly what you are going to get! These premium cigars are made with the finest tobacco and most of its blends are fairly mild. The smooth experience almost always gives you a creamy cedar tint to it. And, some of its blends even offer you a more zesty and complex smoking experience.

The simple truth is that no matter which series of Ashton Cigars you pick up, it would be hard to find a bad one. The consistency is outstanding across the wide variety of cigars offered by the high-end brand. The cigars look and smoke smooth and the draw remains consistent throughout. While the flavor isn’t anything unique, the smoking experience keeps you intrigued. If you can afford the expensive price tag, it should be a great choice for smokers looking for a premium cigar with great taste and construction.

The Hefty Price Tag

The smoking experience with Ashton Cigars definitely isn’t overrated but it surely is a bit too overpriced. With its rare tobaccos, limited production and premium brand reputation, it is quite natural that the Ashton cigars command such a huge price. The expensive pricing does raise your expectations about the brand and this is exactly what makes it disappointing when the cigars do not manage to live up to that convincingly. While the VSG series is okay for its price, it is the ESG series that totally upsets smokers with its inability to justify the luxury pricing.

To be fair, there is nothing wrong with the smoking experience, quality and flavor profile of the Ashton cigars. It is the huge price that makes it a bit of a letdown. Most smokers feel that the pricing is a bit too much to pay for just good consistency and construction. What works against the brand the most is the simple fact that it does not boast of any unique taste or flavor profile. This simply means that smokers have many alternative options that provide with similar smoking experiences at much lower prices.

The Serie O Cigars of Olivia are rich in tobacco and its coffee and cedar flavors have a taste very relatable to that of the Ashton cigars. The Olivia Series O cigars also have a medium-bodied construction just like the Ashton Cigars have. The pricing is much more economical and it turns out to be an option that doesn’t leave a big hole in your pocket.

Camacho Connecticut Cigars

The Camacho Connecticut is yet another alternative cigar that has a flavor profile most similar to that of Ashton cigars. The primary profile of the cigar being earth and cedar makes sure that the smoking experience is as smooth as the one Ashton Cigars offer. The earthly notes with a tint of cedar remain till the end of the cigar and ensure that the flavor profile is akin to that of Ashton. The Camacho Connecticut is mild and the medium strength gives you the very same creamy enjoyable smoke. Affordability is the high point of the cigar and you can get a hold of it at a price much lesser compared to the premium Ashton cigars.

The CAO Gold cigar is much lighter-bodied but the smoking experience it offers is comparable to that of Ashton cigars. The smooth and creamy smoke offers you a complex experience loaded with flavors. This cheaper alternative to Ashton cigars also provides good consistency as well.


There isn’t anything bad about the smoking experience and consistency of Ashton Cigars. But, they are definitely a tad too overpriced and don’t seem to offer enough uniqueness to justify the mammoth pricing.  And on top of that, there are plenty of alternative options available. But, if it is something that you have got to strike off your bucket list,  go ahead and buy it without thinking too much.