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AJ Fernandez Dias de Gloria Gordo

AJ Fernandez Dias de Gloria Gordo

AJ fernandez Dias de Gloria Gordo features a four tobacco blend grown at four of the Fernandez family farms in Esteli, Nicaragua. Each of the tobacco used for the filler, binder and wrapper has been aged for up to seven years to create an exciting and complex flavor profile. These Nicaraguan puros are medium to full bodied and exude notes of cocoa, cedar and spice. AJ fernandez Dias de Gloria Gordo is 6 x 58 and available in five packs and boxes of 20.


Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Quantity Cigar Filler Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
   6 x 58  (Gordo)    Box of 20  Nicaraguan Habano    Nicaragua   Nicaragua  Strength Medium - Full   Nicaragua
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Tasting Notes

AJ Fernandez Dias de Gloria

Dias De Gloria Tasting Notes

I have been holding off on discussing the flavor profile on this bad boy until now. The reason being this is a new cigar. There is not much on the internet regarding how it smokes or tastes. Most reviews refer to the flavor profile as sweet, cedary, earthy, and spicy. They have not nearly begun to do this cigar justice. For my review, I went with a Toro. It's such a beauty with that delicate box press. My mouth is already watering.


The Dias De Gloria presents with an immaculate wrapper, no tooth, smooth as silk. It is halfway covered with a cedar wrap and embellished with the signature ornate AJ Fernandez bands. The wrapper is rife with notes of mixed spices (perhaps curry, ginger, and black pepper). Creamy cedary notes emanate from the foot.

Cold draw speaks of a sweet barnyard nuance comingled with floral notes, milk chocolate undertones, and a spritz of black currant. I may have tasted a bit of black pepper, shy notes of anise, and a robust black coffee base. Even from the cold draw, you can already tell this is going to be a complex stogie. Before we go into it, I decided to do this review in two sections instead of my usual three. This is because later, I want to do another review. Ideally, after the cigar has been in the market for a while.

You can't conclusively determine the rating of a new cigar for two reasons. One is consistency. A cigar needs time, and a couple of hundred thousand productions to determine if the quality is consistent. Two is aging. This is especially true for master blenders like AJ Fernandez. A cigar like this one will drastically improve with a little time in the humidor. In a word, like a fine piece of art; rating cigars cannot be rushed.

First Half

My Dias De Gloria opens with a tsunami of peppery cream. The spice is on my tongue and the back of my throat. But the cream covers it like a thick coat of paint. On the side-lines are nuances of black coffee, sweet brown sugar, a skosh of fruity tang, and delicious spicy ginger. Still somewhere in there are nutty notes with decadent buttery flakes, sweet black grapes, and raisins.

The finish is a delectable heavy cream that feels like butter on the tongue. It lasts all the way to the next draw. Strength at this point is a good medium. I have a razor-sharp burn and solid ash. A few inches down, and the complexity kicks in. Spice takes a stand. It's a savory mix of cinnamon, ginger, and flakes of red pepper. The cream morphs into delicious butterscotch. There is a dainty warm bread-like decadence bathed in a thick lazy flow of sweet buttery goodness. The earlier overbearing dark chocolate and espresso notes recede to the back burner.

Final Half

AJ Fernandez Dias de Gloria Box Pressed Toro

Past the halfway mark, the nicotine picks up. As this happens, the flavors shift to a savory, smoky, meaty flavor with a malty disposition. Spice never really leaves, and this time around, it's a fusion of black, red, and white pepper, cinnamon, ginger, and jalapeno.

The sudden nicotine rush recedes. Or rather it is overtaken by warm sweet melted butter deliciousness backed by croutons of butterscotch. A whole nutty world opens up, dishing out notes of hazelnut, smoked almonds, and premium Brazil nuts. As I approach the nub, I can feel the strength inching up to a strong medium to full.

But that is not the focus. My cigar suddenly adopts an explosion of complexity and intensity. I am almost overwhelmed. There is a perfectly balanced symphony of spice. Buttery cream smoothness is on another level. Still, I am bombarded with perfectly poised amalgamated flavors that I cannot put my finger on. Strength goes up to a walloping full. This nub is intensely enjoyable; I do not want to put it down.

My Toro smoked for more than 2 hours. It was an incredibly slow burner. I almost cannot believe how good my Dias De Gloria was! I cannot wait for my other Dias De Gloria to age a little more. If it turns out that this cigar is regular production, I will never be without this bad boy.

How Has Dias De Gloria Performed So Far?

Dias De Gloria is doing very well. Word of mouth is spreading fast, and these bad boys are flying off the shelf. In fact, we  at Gotham Cigars sold out of our first shipment in no time. So, if you have not yet grabbed one of these, you are missing out!

Let us know your experience with this new cigar. We love to hear from you!

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