CAO Dark & Stormy Sampler

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The CAO Dark & Stormy Sampler is a special edition 4 pack in which four CAO favorites have been brought together for the first time. With flavors like spice, leather, and pepper this sampler is sure to roll in like an approaching storm and dance on your palate. The CAO Dark & Stormy Cigar Sampler features one of each of the following CAO cigars: MX2, Brazilia, LX2, & OSA SOL. While these four cigars are mild and gentle there is nothing tranquil about them and each is rich, dark, and complex.

The CAO Dark & Stormy Sampler Contains 4 Cigars:

1 LX2 (5 x 48)
1 OSA SOL (5 x 50)
1 Brazilia (5 x 56)
1 MX2 (5 x 52)