Cohiba Blue Rothschild

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Cohiba Blue Rothschild is a luxurious new blend made in the Dominican Republic. Featuring three select long filler tobaccos from Ometepe, Nicaragua, Jamastra, Honduras and a Piloto Cubano from the Dominican Republic. The wrapper is an earthy golden brown leaf from Honduras that blends perfectly with the notes of cinnamon, spice, cocoa and sugary notes of the three-country blend. Cohiba Blue Rothschild is a perfect everyday cigar and is sold in an attractive blue box.


Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Quantity Cigar Filler Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
4 1/2 x 50 (Rothschild)  Box of 20  Habano, Honduras   Habano, Honduras   Habano, Honduras, Nicaraguan & Piloto Cubano, Dominican Republic  Strength Medium - Full  Dominican Republic 

Cohiba Blue Cigars

Tasting Notes

The Cohiba Blue cigars come in eye-catchy blue hand-painted boxes that capture your attention every time you visit a store. The gorgeous cigars are covered in a silky smooth Honduran wrapper and the tobacco fillers in it transverses three countries. The Honduran Olancho San Agustin is used for the binder as well. The layered binder-wrapper design does wonders to the overall smoking experience. The three-nation blend of the cigar is filled by Nicaraguan, Honduran and Dominican tobaccos. Though crafted and produced in Dominican Republic, the Cohiba Blue Cigar is predominantly Honduran. The best rollers and top quality tobaccos ensure Cohiba Blue's premium looks and unparalleled flavor. The selection of the tobacco is top-notch with its fine blend of fillers coming from the most renowned tobacco-growing areas in the world.

The Experience and the Flavor Profile

The whole cigar has a firm texture with its head considerably harder than the rest of it. The wrapper leaf has a sweet chocolate-like aroma while the foot of the cigar has a more earthy smell.

The Cohiba Blue begins with a pleasant spicy flavor that happens to be more subdued than dominant. The cigar also slowly reveals the perfect amount of natural tobacco sweetness. Hints of sweet leather, cream and caramel follow the initial sweetness. Cohiba Blue exhibits a few earthy flavors coupled with hints of cocoa, pepper and toast in almost every puff you take. Soon, the earthly tones of the cigar make way for a sweeter raisins flavor and a fair hint of vanilla. The sweeter profile starts to dominate the earthy flavors with a fine combination of vanilla, raisins and sweet syrup added into the mix. This cigar also has a cinnamon profile highly reminiscent of a cinnamon roll. For the most part, it's the earthy flavors and cocoa notes that remain dominant. Towards the end, savory pepper flavor and a woody profile run the show. But, the sweetness of the cigar still remains in the form of raisin flavor and burnt sugar.

The cigar burns well throughout the entire smoking experience and it was perfectly even as well. It needs minimum or zero touchups or relights. The positive thing to note is that the cigar does not have any unpleasant or bitter flavors at any stage of the smoking process.

Why Cohiba Blue is one of the best Cohiba Made?

The Cohiba Blue is the latest addition to the famed lineage of the premium  Cohiba handmade cigars. The cigar's firm construction, even burn, and legendary taste make is the ultimate luxury stogie. The Cohiba Blue cigar is definitely one the smoothest and richest Cohiba blends you will ever get to smoke.

But, the best part about the Cohiba Blue line of cigars is that it has managed to make this luxury affordable for all. This cigar is extremely value-priced compared to its counterparts from the same brand. The Cohiba Blue offers a chance for everyone to get a taste of the complex flavors and profligate taste that a luxury brands like Cohiba offer.

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Habano, Honduras
Habano, Honduras
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