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Dean's Large Cigars Menthol 100

Dean's Large Cigars Menthol 100

Dean’s Large Menthol cigars are premium cigars manufactured in the USA and are rolled in high-quality tobacco that is infused with menthol flavor. These flavorful cigars are enclosed in a milk chocolate colored wrapper while the filter tipping paper is Cork styled. The mellow smoke and the refreshing taste of menthol along with the consistent burn of the tobacco leaves offers a highly enjoyable smoke. The smoothness of the of the flavor and the light aroma makes it a great choice for smoking anytime during the day. 

These filtered cigars are measured at 3 7/8 inches length with a ring gauge of 20 and offer a pleasant smoking experience without taking up too much time. The cigars are sold in sets of 10 packs of 20 cigars each and are priced very reasonably. Enjoy the aromatic smoke of these cigars with a tall glass of well-aged wine and revel in their cool, refreshing flavor.

Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
3 7/8 x 20 10 Packs of 20 Natural Strength Mild USA
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Tasting Notes

Dean's Cigars

Tasting Notes

The Dean brand of cigars has enjoyed steadily growing popularity among stogie lovers since their inception in the 1800's. In keeping up with the changing times, the brand introduced Dean's filtered cigars in a variety of exciting flavors to fit even the ficklest palates.

Dean filtered cigars are filled with premium Burley filler which is skillfully blended, gently burned and then air-cured to deliver a perfectly balanced nicotine kick with a gentle flavor and mellow strength.

The wrapper is Homogenized Tobacco Leaf tipped with a 'cork' style filter. The filter is a made of paper which subtly off-sets the harshness that is typical with homogenized wrappers.

Dean Filtered Cigar Flavors

Dean's Cigars

Dean filtered cigars are sold in a myriad of flavors to accommodate every taste and every mood. More specifically, there are nine flavors in the Dean Filtered Cigar Brand arsenal.

There are fruity flavors if you are feeling tropical including Peach, Wild Berry, and Cherry. Non-fruity flavors include Vanilla, Chocolate, and Rum and for the smoker who prefers non-flavored tobacco zest, there are Full Flavor, Menthol, and Mild cigars. Measuring at 100mm with a 20-ring gauge, Dean Cigars are the perfect 'carry-around' size.

Let us explore the flavors.

1.Dean's Peach Filtered Cigars

Dean's Peach flavored cigars are among the most popular in the fruity flavor category. Right off the bat, you can smell the fresh peach aroma on the wrapper and even the tip. Upon lighting the cigar, you will immediately smell rich fresh peach from the ample smoke output as well as in the front of your palate. The flavor is not at all harsh. Strength is mild, and the peach-tobacco flavor goes a long way to mask the paper taste of the filter. You will also taste sweetness on the lips from the sweetened filter.

2.Dean's Cherry Filtered Cigars

The Cherry flavor Dean cigars are not unlike the Peach. They give off a strong cherry aroma the minute you pull the cellophane off the pack. On the cold draw, you will notice the added sweet flavor on the filter. Once you light up, the cherry-tobacco aroma is quite strong. There is ample smoke, though the draw is a little tight. With the cherry flavored cigar, I never tasted the paper taste of the filter as was the case with the peach. The strength is mild at best.

3.Dean's Wild Berry Filtered Cigars

The wild berry flavor cigars, in my opinion, had the most complex flavor palate of the fruity flavored cigars. From the first whiff, you can smell blueberries right on the wrapper. The first draw delivers a complex aroma of mixed berries and tobacco. There are also hints of select mints and a menthol-ish flavor at the back of the palate. I never experienced the typical sweetened flavor on the filter, but it was still a great smoke with loads of tobacco zest. The strength remained mild throughout the smoke.

4.Dean's Chocolate Filtered Cigars

To me, the Dean Chocolate flavored filtered cigars gave off a kind of creamy-wine aroma and not the typical chocolate aroma I expected. The cold draw did not taste like chocolate either, but the filter was sweet. To my surprise, the first draw was all dark chocolate flavor with smooth tobacco undertones. I experienced a stronger nicotine kick with this cigar than with the others. The flavor, though dark, never got overwhelming. It stayed mild throughout the smoke as did the strength. This was a surprisingly enjoyable cigar and probably my favorite of the Dean brand.

5.Dean's Rum Filtered Cigars

Rum is always an interesting flavor. The aroma I got off the Dean Rum cigars was fruitier than rum; gently aged fruity, not fresh popping fruity. Upon lighting, the first draw presented an aged molasses flavor very delicately blended with good old premium tobacco. In my opinion, this cigar clicks better with the traditional cigar aficionado who loves his tobacco flavor. The raw tobacco flavor is very dominant in this cigar complimented by the gentle rum. Strength remains mild throughout the smoke, but you will notice the kick in nicotine towards the end.

6.Dean's Menthol Filtered Cigars

If you are a cigar enthusiast, then you know that menthol cigars appeal to a particular smoker. Additionally, the menthol flavor is delicate and can easily go awry with a pungent harshness. I found Dean's menthol flavored cigars delightful.  The menthol flavor was right on point; mellow without being boring coupled with robust tobacco zest. There were hints of gourmet espresso on the aftertaste which gave a surprise twist to the flavor. The aroma remained timid throughout the smoke, and I liked that there was no harshness even on the retrohale. Strength was mild at best.

7.Dean's Vanilla Filtered Cigars

Dean's vanilla flavored cigars do not disappoint in matters flavor. You may not smell the vanilla right off the wrapper, but you will taste it from the first draw. For me, the wrapper gave off a sweet brown-sugar aroma enhanced by the sweetened filter. Even though the draw was a bit snug, the body of this cigar was quite robust. You will love the ample smoke and sweet vanilla plus tobacco aroma all through the smoke. There were no harsh flavors on the retrohale, and the strength remained mellow throughout.

8.Dean's Mild Filtered Cigars

Even from the name, it is clear that these particular cigars are for beginners and smokers who don't prefer full-bodied cigars. This, however, is not to say that this filtered cigar does not deliver value, because it does. Right from the wrapper, you can smell sweet tobacco, the kind of aroma you get from classic cigars. On the first draw, I tasted rich tobacco on the front of the palate. The tobacco flavors on this cigar can be described as mild but stubborn. The body is deliciously consistent; never building up to a medium but never backing down. This is the perfect cigar for anyone who wants a mild but authentic cigar experience.

9.Dean's Full Flavored Filtered Cigars

Dean's full-flavored cigars are the equivalent of a Maduro in the regular cigar world. They are meant to appeal to cigar aficionados who love a big ol' full-flavored cigar. From the first draw, you will taste the full-bodied tobacco flavor in the ample smoke. Also, expect fleeting dark chocolate and brown sugar undertones. Even though the strength will remain mild, this little cigar has enough body to quench any tobacco craving and then some.

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