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Dutch Masters Cigarillos Berry Fusion

Dutch Masters Cigarillos Berry Fusion

Quench your cravings for a sweet, smooth smoke with Dutch Masters Cigarillos Berry Fusion. These machine-made cigars are made with premium Cuban-Seed tobacco and a natural leaf wrapper that is both flavorful and aromatic. 

A natural wrapper is used to bind the mild Ecuadorian Sumatra leaves, which not only adds a rich consistency to the flavor, but helps maintain the texture of the blend. These cigarillos are 4 3/4 inches in length and have a ring gauge of 28, and are sold in boxes containing 30 pouches of 2 cigars. Dutch Masters Cigarillos Berry Fusion are the perfect smoke for any time of day.


Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
4 3/4 x 28

30 Packs of 2


Strength Mild Puerto Rico
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Tasting Notes

Dutch Masters Cigars

Are you a fan of flavored cigars?

Are you a fan of flavored cigars? Looking for the ultimate flavored cigarillo? Do you want to treat your palate to the perfect blend of diverse yet enticing flavors? If you said yes to any of these questions, then you should try the many different flavors of Dutch Masters Cigarillo Fusions.

Dutch Masters is a notorious brand in the cigar industry and one of the pioneer brands that manufacture machine-made cigars. In fact, Dutch Masters won several accolades and garnered rave reviews from cigar critics. The brand catapulted into the cigar industry in 1911 and since then, it's beloved by a legion of cigar aficionados. 

Dutch Masters is popular for offering a rich, smooth and flavorful smoking experience. The Dutch Masters Fusion cigarillos are regarded as the hottest cigarillos available on the market thanks to the rich 'fusion' of flavors that each stogie embodies. Furthermore, these stogies are reasonably-priced. The cost of 2 cigarillos is $0.99 which further bolsters their popularity. These stogies are manufactured by Altadis USA and are assembled in Puerto Rico.

The brand offers seven different fusion flavors with something for every cigar enthusiast. Every cigar smoker has an opportunity to find a cigar that quenches their cravings. Let's have a look at the fusion cigarillos offered by Dutch Masters:

Dutch Masters Honey Fusion

Nothing can alleviate your stresses better than a cigarillo infused with the refreshing flavor of honey. Dutch Masters Honey Fusion cigars present an appetizing flavored fusion of golden clover honey and Besuki natural leaf wrapper. The filler is creamy-smooth, Cuban-seed tobacco that yields a smooth and flavorsome smoking experience, thereby making it popular among flavored cigar lovers. Originating in Puerto Rico, these stogies offer mellow strength. Hence, they are preferred by novice smokers as well. Dutch Masters Honey Fusion produce an excellent taste and pleasant aroma.

Dutch Masters Rum Fusion

This cigarillo offers a rich blend of America's best Rum and hand-picked cigar leaves from the Caribbean. These machine-made stogies are painstakingly crafted to perfection and offer mild strength. With their wrapper made of natural leaf and binder made of homogenized tobacco leaves, these stogies yield a flavorful smoking experience. These smokes can be enjoyed with your favorite drink just to unwind after a tiring day.

Dutch Masters Mint Fusion

This cigarillo offers a rich blend of Cuban-seed tobacco and the refreshing flavor of fresh mint. The minty flavor offered by each stogie is amazing to appease your mind and transport you to a different world. Dutch Masters Mint Fusion offers a cool smoking experience which is perfect for relaxing during those warm summer days. These mild cigarillos are made of homogenized tobacco leaves and a natural wrapper thereby offering a smooth and palatable flavour profile.

Dutch Masters Java Fusion

Are you a coffee lover? If yes, then you'll surely love this amazing fusion of freshly brewed coffee and chocolate made with earthy Cuban-seed tobacco fillers and a homogenized leaf binder. The natural Java wrapper provides smooth texture and adds to the overall smoking experience. Due to the rich fusion of coffee with hints of chocolate, this flavored cigarillo is loved by both casual and regular smokers. Plus, they offer an earthy flavor which is quite satisfying and lingers to the very end. This stogie is great for those who enjoy a mild smoking experience. You will love the convenient airtight pouches which maintain freshness wherever you go.

Dutch Masters Berry Fusion

This cigarillo is for those who love to enjoy a sweet and succulent smoking experience. These machine-made stogies offer the luscious flavor of fresh berries fused with creamy tobacco. Dutch Masters Berry Fusion are made with Caribbean basin Cuban seed tobacco leaf fillers and wrapper, while the binder is made of homogenized tobacco leaf. This makes for a smooth consistency of flavors. Also, the exotic blends offered by the brand make the stogies perfect to invigorate your senses at any time of day.

Dutch Masters Irish Fusion

Irish Fusion is a relatively new entrant in this line of cigars. These stogies are made with premium quality Cuban seed tobaccos blended with milky sweet Irish cream. As you can imagine, these cigarillos are mild in strength, so you can easily enjoy them at any time of day. The natural leaf fuses well with the Sumatra leaves and yields a smooth profile. Dutch Masters Irish Fusion offers sweet flavors with an aromatic smoke to delight your palate. Enjoy these with cup of coffee all day, every day.

Dutch Masters Atomic Fusion

If you love fruity flavors then you're surely going to love this one. These cigarillos offer tantalizing flavors of hand-picked succulent fruits with a hint of honey. Dutch Masters Atomic Fusion are made with Cuban-seed tobacco. The wrapper is a natural leaf which binds the mild Ecuadorian Sumatra leaves. The exotic flavors on these cigarillos make them ideal for a cool summer night.


Dutch Masters is one of the pioneer machine-made cigars brands in the United States andDutch Masters Cigarillo Fusions is one of their more popular lines of flavored cigars. The brand introduced this line to cater to the needs of modern-day smokers as they are flavorful and offer a smooth, mild bodied smoking experience. Also, the flavors are mellow so they can be enjoyed by both casual and regular smokers.

If you are looking for a cigar with well-balanced flavors, then try one of the various fusion options available and find the one that entices you the most. I am sure that you'll fall in love with all of them, as they are simply the best. These stogies are specially crafted for those smokers who love trying new flavor combinations and want an exciting smoke. If you are one of those smokers, then order your favorite blend right away and get engrossed in the richness of these awesome smokes.

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  • Dutch Masters Cigarillos Berry Fusion
  • Dutch Masters Cigarillos Berry Fusion
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