Espinosa Laranja Reserva

Espinosa Laranja ReservaEspinosa Cigars are known for their exemplary blends and beautifully crafted cigars and the Laranja brand is no different.

The brand gets its name Laranja, Portuguese for orange, from the exotic orange hued Brazilian leaf wrapper that intrigued Mr. Espinosa. The namesake wrapper is grown in the lush, tropical Reconcavo region of Bahia, Brazil, that has a citrusy essence as you might expect. The fillers are a masterfully complex blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos that creates a boldly flavored, medium bodied smoke that is also naturally sweet. You will find a well-rounded blend of citrus,cedar, spice and nutty notes as well as a pleasant graham cracker flavor emanating from the golden wrapper. The cigars are finished with a complementary orange foot ribbon and beautifully detailed rings. The color orange is often associated with success, and it’s safe to say that Laranja Reserva cigars are the latest in a long line of successful cigar brands from the famed Espinosa family.