Hoyo de Monterrey Black Box Toro

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With a shiny new design and an updated blend, the Hoyo de Monterrey Black Box Toro will attract your eye as much as it satisfies your pallet. The new, updated blend features the first ever Habano Shade wrapper grown in Esteli. Known as one of the heaviest wrappers, the Habano Shade wrapper provides a powerful, peppery, slightly bitter smoke that is representative of Esteli’s soil. The binder is made up of a thin, well-aged and rich Ecuadorian Sumatra which helps balance out the strong wrapper.

Hoyo de Monterrey Black Box Toro Cigars are blended with a combination of three tobaccos Pennsylvania, Nicaraguan Esteli, and Nicaraguan Ometepe which produces a peppery, yet sweet smoke. Presented in a fashionable 20-count cabinet style box that showcases the evolution of this classically Cuban brand, the new Hoyo de Monterrey is the blend that defines Hoyo for the future.

Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Quantity Cigar Filler Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
 6 x 50 (Toro)  Box of 20  Esteli Habano Shade   Ecuadorian Sumatra 

 Pennsylvania, Nicaraguan Esteli & Nicaraguan Ometepe 

Strength Full  Esteli, Nicaragua

Hoyo de Monterrey

Tasting Notes

Hoyo de Monterrey is back and better than ever with their latest blend. Hoyo is a legend in this industry. This renowned brand was created by Jose Gener. Gener emigrated from Spain to Cuba in 1831. Once in Cuba, he worked at his Uncle’s farmland in Vuelta Abajo. He became one of the most respected growers in the Vuelta Abajo region. 

In 1965, he created his own line titled  Hoyo de Monterrey which translates to “"the Hole of Monterrey" which is the concave terrain known for producing premium tobaccos. 30 years after Grener’s death his family sold his business to Fernando Palicio and later to the Villazon family. Hoyo is an ode to both Grener and Cuban tradition combined with Nicaraguan production and tradition.

The Hoyo Black Box is a twist on the renowned and classic Hoyo blend. Hoyo de Monterrey Black Box Cigars are created with the perfect trifecta of tobaccos. Brilliantly aged Pennsylvania, Nicaraguan Esteli and Nicaraguan Ometepe tobaccos are combined to create this decadent smoke. This cigar is an award winner and features a one of a kind, revolutionary wrapper. The Hoyo black blend is encased in the first ever Esteli grown Habano shade wrapper. We definitely recommend you give these a try. If you haven’t had the pleasure of smoking these yet, you will be pleasantly surprised. The Esteli grown Habano shade wrapper is one of the heaviest blends out there. This Esteli wrapper is full of powerful blends that consists of pepper and is reminiscent of the rich Esteli soil that it is grown in. The Hoyo Black binder consists of rich, expertly aged Ecuadorian Sumatra which perfectly balances the strong aroma that you receive from this rich blend.

The blend is a remix of old and new. Hoyo combined their classic blend with luxurious and rare wrappers which created a smoke that is sublime. It comes in boxes of 20. You can chose the size you want too since they come in Rothschild, Robusto, Gigante and Toro size. 

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Hoyo de Monterrey
Esteli Habano Shade
Ecuadorian Sumatra
Esteli Nicaragua, Nicaraguan Ometepe, Penssylvanian
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