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  • Jackpot Cigarillos Pineapple upright & foilpack
  • Jackpot Cigarillos Pineapple foilpack

Jackpot Cigarillos Pineapple 3 for 0.99

$19.99 (You save $6.00)

    Buy Jackpot Pineapple Cigarillos 15x3 Pack Online

    ackpot Pineapple Cigarillos offer foil-wrapped packs of 3 cigars each, with a total of 15 resealable packs. The cigars are reasonably priced at 99 cents per pack and offer great value for money. Swedish Match manufactures them with a foil fresh packaging, to keep the cigars fresh and flavorful.

    Using premium quality tobacco enclosed in a homogenized binder, these cigars have the perfect flavor balance. The added pineapple flavorings in the filler add a unique taste to the cigars. The fruity flavor adds to the tobacco aroma to provide a delightfully varied and layered smoke. A natural wrapper is employed to enwrap the binder, and also to enhance the smoke quality and consistency. These fruity, mild cigars are the perfect selection for a post dinner smoke on a cool, summer night.

    Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
     4 3/4 x 28

    15 Packs of 3


    Strength Mild USA