Oliva Connecticut Reserve Cigars

Oliva Connecticut Reserve

Oliva Connecticut Reserve Cigars bring a rich and bold taste to your fingertips in a sleek and smooth package. You’ll find their pleasantly mellow taste and delicious range of flavors quite hard to resist.

Each cigar is concocted with a premium selection of the finest Nicaraguan tobaccos to create a long filler. The Nicaraguan binder with its lusciously smooth texture holds the filler in place. A luxurious and silky Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper is then used to finish off each hand-rolled piece of perfection.

Although the cigar’s strength is relatively mild, its flavor is not. Enjoy hints of subtle woodiness, complemented with notes of coffee and cream as you indulge in each draw. These cigars are featured in eight different sizes, with the largest being the Churchill at 7 x 50, and the shortest being the Petit Corona at 4 x 38. These cigars can be best enjoyed as a morning smoke, for their non-overpowering presence and pleasant flavor. 

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